Lead Generation and Sales Accelerator

Learn how to grow your services firm by learning:

  • The ideal services firm website
  • Lead generation strategies
  • Sales strategies (tested with millions of dollars of budget)
  • Automation strategies

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Learn how to grow your services business, from someone who's helped hundreds of firms do it.

What is the Credo Lead Generation and Sales Accelerator?

The Lead Generation and Sales Accelerator is the culmination of four year, 3,500+ prospects generated, and seeing over $75M in digital marketing work come through Credo. In that time we've learned what works to get qualified leads in the door, convert them to prospects, and ultimately close them into clients..

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This is a 6 week intensive. The first cohort begins October 8, 2019.

Week 1: Build the right website

Many things going into building a website that converts. While digital marketers usually think a lot about traffic acquisition, we spend too little time thinking about what gets clients to convert. Week 1 covers the ideal structure of an agency website.

Week 2: Messaging and conversion

Messaging is hard, so how do you build messaging around your core offerings that qualifies in the right leads, qualifies out the wrong ones, and still converts? We'll dig deep into the language around consulting and services and share case studies from what works and doesn't. Week 2 is all about messaging and conversion.

Week 3: Lead generation

Marketers are great at talking about "how many leads we generated last month", but when it comes to converting them we waste a ton of time. Week 3 covers lead generation and how to attract the right leads, and take top of funnel leads and convert them into paying clients.

There will be a week break between weeks 3 and 4 to allow for implementation of what you've learned thus far.

Week 4: Sales

Lots of agencies can generate enough leads, but the funnel breaks down when it comes to closing. Too many proposals get sent that never get signed. Week 4 covers the sales process we know closes work and will tighten up your existing processes so you sign more clients and make more money.

Week 5: Automation

Everything you've learned is a lot of work. So how do you leverage smart automation to turn leads to prospects, prospects to clients, and then deliver great work for them? Week 5 covers tools to use and processes to build to automate the things that should be automated.

Week 6: Q&A

The topics of week 6 are up to you! This week will be an open Q&A with John to cover any outstanding questions you have or things that weren't covered that you would like input on!

John Doherty, Founder & CEO of Credo

SEO industry veteran, former in-house marketing leader, consultant to large websites, and Credo CEO.


John is an SEO industry veteran who spent time at Distilled in New York City working with incredible clients before moving to Zillow's rentals brand in San Francisco to run marketing and growth. Originally trained as a web developer and technical writer, he's focused on digital marketing since 2009. He's consulted with some of the biggest names online over the years, and since 2015 has run Credo full time and overseen over 3,500 project inquiries comprising over $75M in project value. He's made agencies over $10M via Credo.


John lives in Denver Colorado with his wife Courtney, their daughter Tatum, and their very large black labrador mix named Butterbean. When he's not running Credo, he can be found either in the mountains or on an airplane.

Who's a fit for the accelerator?

You fill one of these roles at a consultancy/agency

  • Agency/consultancy owner
  • Agency head of marketing
  • Agency head of sales

You have at least one of these problems

  • Your website is abandoned and outdated;
  • You're not generating enough qualfied leads;
  • You're not closing enough qualified prospects into clients;
  • You're doing a ton of manual work during sales, without enough return.


First cohort is limited to 10 seats.

Plan details

Best for: anyone with low close or lead generation rates

Interested in joining the Credo network eventually, but need sales coaching first?

  • Get two of your most recent proposals reviewed by the Credo team;
  • Attend 6 weekly coaching calls where we present a topic and a lesson around agency growth, including:
    • Lead generation
    • The sales funnel that works
    • Lead qualification and worflow automation
  • Lifetime Slack channel access

First cohort begins October 8

$899 one-time
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Here are the most commonly asked questions about Credo Pro.

Where will the weekly meetings take place?

Meetings will be a video call held via Zoom. You'll all get to know each other!

Can I have someone else on my team attend with me?

All calls happen through Zoom, so you are welcome to bring them onto the calls. They will not be provided an individual Slack account.

What if I have to miss a week?

Calls will be recorded and a link will be posted in the Slack group within a few days of the call.

When do I submit my proposals and when do I receive feedback?

Once you join and pay, you will be sent to an onboarding form. That form will contain two file uploads for uploading recent deliverables. Personalized feedback will be sent within two weeks of submission.

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"I started working with Credo soon after going out on my own. Since then, we’ve grown 5x as a company. Being on Credo gives me confidence that lead activity will not completely dry up, which has factored in heavily as I weighed each new hire in the last few years."
Steve Latronica of SL Development
Steve Latronica