When you started out freelancing or working for yourself, did you want to build a big agency? Most people I talk to didn’t, but rather started doing it when they had too many leads and wanted to start outsourcing some work.

I purposefully am not building an agency, mostly because I have worked inside agencies and owning one is not the kind of business that I want to run. That said, agencies (and solo consulting) can be a great way to build a business, help other businesses grow their bottom lines, and afford you a great lifestyle wherever you live.

Today I am experimenting with a bit of a different format. Instead of a video, I want to give you two resources here today that I would recommend you check out as you are thinking through growing your agency and having consistent lead flow (which of course Credo helps with).

Agency Growth Models

This first one comes from Dan Martell, who is a quite successful entrepreneur and someone who I respect in business. He recently did a video (embedded below) about his experience building a creative agency before he really got into software.

Dan’s formula is basically this:

  1. Roadmapping Process (Paid)
  2. On-Going Services (Recurring)
  3. Enhancements (A la cart)

You have heard me talk about this a few times in different posts and emails, but I really like Dan’s way of explaining it so I want you to hear it from him as well.

Million Dollar Consulting

If you want to grow your business, or even simply build a lasting and sustainable solo consulting business that allows you to live a life of freedom and go travel for 3 months without working if you want to (boy, that sounds nice!), then you need to know that you can pick right back up where you left off with great clients and your target income.

That’s partly why Credo exists, but there are many fundamentals behind a consistent lead flow that can help you build the right business.

Tom Critchlow, one of my best friends and a solo consultant in his own right (who some of you may know), recently recommended that I read Million Dollar Consulting. The book itself can be a bit rah-rah and inspirational, but it also has solid principles and ways to consistently grow a lead funnel that then allows you to grow a solo consultancy to incredible revenue highs without building an agency.

As I said above, I think agencies are awesome and people who build them are to be praised. But I don’t want all solo consultants to think that they have to build an agency if they want to increase their income!

So I recommend picking up Million Dollar Consulting (I got my paper copy for $5) and having a read.

What do you think of this new format? Would you prefer videos, or is this useful to you as well?

Leave a comment or email me 🙂