Are you a sales-oriented professional with a desire to help businesses grow?

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About You

You love sales and shine when speaking with potential customers in order to build a relationship with them and figure out their goals. You have experience keeping track of new and existing leads, following up with them consistently, and working them through to close. In fact, you much prefer the phone over email and are proactive in getting new leads on the phone as quickly as possible.

You love discovering problems and fixing them. You’ve ideally been exposed to digital marketing (specifically SEO and paid acquisition like AdWords and Facebook) in the past, but experience is not required. You have experience selling a product and helping potential customers realize how it can help them.

You have an incredible amount of hustle. You’re not afraid of digging in and solving problems.

You have an ownership mindset. When you see something that is broken or suboptimal, you set about fixing it and making it better. You understand when your energy should go into something and when you should hire someone externally to do it for you.

When someone speaks with past employers, they’ll say that you’re one of the best hires they ever made.

You communicate well. Sometimes you over communicate.

You are a details and process oriented person. Much of this role is keeping track of projects and where they are in the process, as well as monthly followups with Credo customers to determine commissions on billed work.

Above all, you are a friendly, energetic, and competitive person that others connect with and love to be around.

If these statements describe you, keep reading because this opportunity might be what you’ve been looking for…

About Credo

Credo is trying to change the way businesses grow, and we’ve started by helping businesses find the right digital marketing agency/consultant for their specific needs. While others have gone the route of creating indexes of the industry and providing a lot of data about those companies, we do not believe that is sufficient nor helpful at the end of the day.

We take a high-touch approach to placing marketing projects with agencies and consultants. We believe this is what the industry needs, and we are dedicated to doing it right.

Credo was started initially in February 2013 when I (John) saw some of my friends hiring bad SEO agencies and consequently not growing their businesses. Sometimes, their business was even hurt by the work done on their site. So I set out to build a trusted place where businesses can come, figure out what they need to really grow their site, and then get connected with the right services providers.

Credo really began to grow in October 2015 when I went ‘all-in’ on this business and focused on growth. The last three years have been amazing, and I’m looking forward to taking it to the next level and building an incredible team to support Credo’s customers and the businesses looking to hire them.

Since October 2015, we’ve sent over $16,000,000 of work to marketing pros on the platform.  I genuinely believe we are just getting started.

The Role

This is a pivotal role within the Credo business.

As Credo grows, it is increasingly important that we maintain a high level of service for both agencies and consultants and this position plays an integral role in ensuring success.

This position will:

  1. Be the first contact someone has with the company after they submit their project information to Credo, and you will guide them as they make important decisions for their business;
  2. Be responsible for lead scoring and proactively contacting email subscribers and site visitors who have expressed an interest in what we offer;
  3. Continuously optimizing the sales process as we refine revenue channels and product offerings.

This job is part sales, part customer support, and all hustle. Credo is a very small team (founder, part time developer, and ops), and thus this role must love working autonomously, communicate extremely well and often, and solve problems on their own.

In order to qualify for this role, you must have:

  • Prior product sales experience;
  • Prior customer success/support experience;
  • Experience working with clients looking to spend multiple thousands of dollars per month.

Digital marketing knowledge/experience are preferred, but not required.

You will be expected to fully own lead onboarding, introductions to agencies, and understand how those introductions affect the Credo business within 90 days of starting in the role.

We have a sales process that we follow, so the goal is that you will learn that system, operate it, and then own it and make adjustments that allows it to grow and scale as Credo grows.

The Compensation

This is a full time position based in Denver Colorado.

Because of required availability, we cannot consider applicants in non-US time zones or those who already have a full time job that they plan to keep.

Title: Sales/Account Lead

Compensation: $45,000-$60,000 per year (negotiable based on experience)

Benefits: Credo offers a flexible work environment. We do not yet have a physical office, but that will come as and when this role is filled. We do believe that great work can and should be done from wherever you do it best, but also that culture and face to face time working together is incredibly important.

This position does not offer health insurance benefits or equity in the business.

We do offer:

  • A Macbook Pro or comparable PC laptop;
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard (if desired);
  • Discretionary PTO and sick leave
  • $250/yr “Happiness Budget” that you can spend on anything that will make you better/happier at your job (courses, books, desk plants, you name it)
  • Freedom to travel and work remotely after the initial training period (30 days)

We very much believe in a healthy work and life balance. We work hard and get our work done, but we also take time to do things that inspire and recharge ourselves. I believe that this is the best and only way to build a sustainable company of happy people.

How To Apply

To apply, please send the following to with SALES/ACCOUNT LEAD as the subject line.

  1. Letter explaining your background and qualifications
  2. Link to your LinkedIn profile or resume
  3. Three references that I can contact on the phone
  4. Why you stand out from all other applicants
  5. What your first 30 and 60 days would look like at Credo

We look forward to hearing from you!