Head of Social Media – Product Hunt

This job was listed by Product Hunt on August 1, 2018

Head of Social Media – Product Hunt

Head of Social Media

Our mission at Product Hunt is to surface great products to the world and support makers building the future.

Nowadays talent is distributed worldwide and everyone can learn online all skills required to build amazing products, what most people outside of strong startup hubs lack though is exposure to early adopters and supporters. We want to help makers worldwide to reach an audience, connect with others, and become successful.

Product Hunt is based in San Francisco, operating as a distributed team across 9 timezones. This full-time role is available for remote candidates from anywhere in the world, but you’ll need to be available from 5:30am-noon PT Monday-Friday (the rest of your hours can be worked flexibly at your convenience).

Your primary daily responsibility will include managing Product Hunt’s Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels, and covering breaking tech news for our news app, Sip (http://sip.fyi).


– Writing superpowers. Every day, dozens of makers launch on Product Hunt. As the main owner of our social media profiles (Twitter and Facebook) and our editorial voice inside Sip, you’ll need to love crafting interesting and intriguing tweets, posts, and editorial takes to help makers put their best foot forward and drive traffic to their product.

– Love for all things tech. New product launches, features, and startups are your bread and butter. If you find yourself spending hours on Twitter, following individuals and teams build incredible products, this is your jam. No joke is too niche for you.

– Attention to detail. An extreme attentiveness to detail and organization is important. You should enjoy editing blog posts for friends and fixing even the most minor grammatical errors.

– Data-driven attitude. We’re constantly optimizing our content and running experiments based on past successes (and failures!). You love to design and execute growth initiatives independently.

If this list (without exceptions) gets you pumped, we want to hear from you.


If this role sounds exciting and you’re able to meet the time commitment (we welcome people outside the US!), please follow these steps:

First, apply via AngelList here.

Second, send talent@producthunt.com your answers to the following:

1. Why do you want to join the Product Hunt team for this specific role? What makes it a good fit?

2. What’s the favorite product you’ve recently discovered?

3. Who are your favorite content producers? Blogs, podcasts, etc. all work.

4. What’s your Product Hunt username and Twitter handle?

5. Most importantly, what’s your favorite emoji? 🙂

Company name: Product Hunt

Is remote? Yes – this job is primarily remote

Individual contributor (2-4 years, not a manager)

Company location:
San Francisco CA

Salary range: $40,000-$75,000

Skills required: Social Media