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Dear reader,

Welcome to Credo’s 2021 edition of our digital marketing pricing survey results! Back in 2017, I was interested in how much digital marketing providers charged on average simply because I couldn’t find that data.

Now there are multiple studies published online, but ours is still the original and updated every two years to give the industry perspective into what digital marketing providers charge, broken down both by agencies (2+ full-time people) as well as solo consultants.

This year we changed a few questions on the survey to try to gather a more complete picture of the industry. We did this to deliver the most complete results to you, our readers who trust us to deliver information that you can apply to your business regardless of if you are a marketing provider yourself or looking to hire a marketing provider to help you grow your business.

We’ve also created a new chapter in this guide called “methodology” so you can check our work if you’d like.

I recommend that you read this guide chapter by chapter like a book since this year I have set the stage for how to use the numbers you find in the guide. It is important to not only know the numbers but also how to apply them to your business.

With that, I give you the 2021 version of the Credo Digital Marketing Pricing Survey, which has been completed this year in partnership with project management platform Teamwork.



John Doherty, on behalf of the team at Credo.

John Doherty

I am the founder of Credo. With 14 years of SEO and digital experience across agencies and in-house, I've worked with some of the largest websites on the internet to drive growth. Since 2015 I've helped over 6,000 companies and 250 agencies grow via better hiring and marketing practices. I live in Denver Colorado with my wife, daughter, and dog. I am an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, skier, and traveler having visited 47 US states and planning to visit every continent on Earth. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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