Lead Generation and Sales Consultations for Marketers

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Struggling to generate enough leads or close those you’re pitching?

I’m John Doherty, the founder of Credo. As a former agency marketer, solo consultant, and inhouse head of marketing on two large national brands, I have now helped over 200 agencies and consultants get more leads through Credo. I have also helped them have better close rates on the projects they pitch, and now I’m offering these paid strategy sessions to help you do the same for yourself!

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Get lead generation and sales advice from someone who’s actually done it.

I get it. You are a marketer or agency who wants to focus on doing great work for your clients, but you’re also in charge of getting new clients. You have to get them in the door, get them onto a call, and then deliver a proposal that will actually get signed.

You’ve probably become increasingly frustrated with a few aspects associated with working as a consultant – things like getting enough inbound leads, sales leads never responding after you send a proposal, being paid on-time, and confusion over implementation of recommendations to name a few.

I can help you put together a better strategy for generating leads and closing them into paying clients. In the last three years I’ve generated over $25,000,000 in digital marketing leads through Credo, closed mid six figures in personal consulting work, and helped many agencies and consultants improve their close rates by 20%-30%, resulting in huge gains to their bottom line.

Price: $249

Dude! So I edited my proposal to break down every section of the audit based on hourly rate like you recommended, and ended up closing this morning the largest audit price I have ever closed.Thanks again for the coaching!

Joe Hall, SEO veteran

What you get:

  • We’ll have a 50 minute phone call where we discuss your consulting practice, marketing funnels and channels, and sales processes.
  • We’ll identify your largest areas of opportunity, and talk about what you can do to best grow your business;
  • I’ll help you tighten up your sales process so that you can close a higher percentage of the clients wanting to work with you.

For just $249 (my normal hourly rate is $600 on, you get access to my 10 years of digital marketing experience across agencies, inhouse, and working for myself. You will walk away with clarity on how to improve your lead flow and how to close a higher percentage of the clients contacting you into paying clients.

These calls work best when one or more of the following is true:

  1. You’re generating plenty of “leads”, but not closing them. Something is broken in your sales strategy.
  2. You’ve experienced a drop in leads and you don’t know why.
  3. You’ve tapped out a channel (eg SEO) and not sure how else to generate leads.

Isn’t that better than wasting money hiring the wrong agency or consultant by trying to do it yourself?

All strategy calls are done personally by me, Credo founder John Doherty. I have personally, through Credo, generated over $16,000,000 (yes, million) in digital marketing leads, worked with over 200 agencies and consultants, and built marketing teams inhouse while also consulting with some of the largest sites and coolest startups in the world. I am trusted in the digital marketing industry and love helping people like you.

To get started fill out the form on the right side of this page to send me a message and see if the a strategy call is right for you. If you have any questions, email me directly

My session with John proved that you can get a lot done in a little time, when you’re working with the right people. He was knowledgeable but easy to work with. In SEO, specifics are key. With his examples and clear direction, we were able to quickly resolve my open questions and I walked away with confidence on what to do next.

Paul Skirbe, Director of Strategy/Marketing

What you get

This strategy consultation is a deep dive into your lead flow and sales process. After the call is complete, you will have:

  1. A better understanding of how to generate more and better leads for your business;
  2. A better sales process for closing those leads into clients.
  3. A better understanding of how to message the work you provide and for whom.

After working with over 200 marketing providers in the last three years, the biggest challenges you have are getting enough of the right leads and closing those into clients that pay you what you are worth.

Let me help you fix that.

John Doherty
John Doherty

My name is John Doherty and I am the founder of, where we’ve seen over 1,300 businesses and $8,000,000 in marketing spend come through Credo since September 2015 looking for help getting connected with the right marketing provider for their needs. I live in Denver Colorado with my wife and our very large black labrador Butterbean.