Lead Generation and Sales Consultations for Marketers

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Price: $699 first month, optional $249 retainer

Quit tossing proposals over the fence to see what comes back

Over the last couple of years at Credo we have helped 250+ agencies and consultants get more work through Credo.

We have also honed our sales process and now teach it to others. Pros who take our process and implement it regularly see conversion lifts of 20-30% (sometimes more!) and work fewer hours.

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Digital marketing sales advice from someone who’s actually done it.

We get it. You are a marketer or agency who wants to focus on doing great work for your clients, but you’re also in charge of getting new clients.

You’re responsible for:

  1. getting them in the door,
  2. getting calls booked, and then
  3. delivering a proposal that actually gets signed.

And you are increasingly frustrated with a few aspects associated with working as a marketing consultant or agency – things like getting enough inbound leads, sales leads never responding after you send a proposal, being paid on-time, and confusion over implementation of recommendations to name a few.

Through coaching, we will help you:

  • Put together a better strategy for generating leads and closing them into paying clients;
  • Optimize your sales process so you work less and make more;
  • Review two proposals to hone your pitch and craft the right project every time.

Dude! So I edited my proposal to break down every section of the audit based on hourly rate like you recommended, and ended up closing this morning the largest audit price I have ever closed.Thanks again for the coaching!

Joe Hall, SEO veteran

What you get:

  • Two 50 minute phone calls where we discuss your consulting practice, marketing funnels and channels, and sales processes.
  • We will identify your largest areas of opportunity, and talk about what you can do to best grow your business;
  • We will tighten up your sales process so that you can close a higher percentage of the clients wanting to work with you.

For a $699 upfront investment, you get access to our decades of digital marketing and sales experience across agencies, inhouse, and self employed. You will walk away with clarity on how to close a higher percentage of the clients contacting you into paying clients.

Isn’t that better than wasting money hiring the wrong agency or consultant by trying to do it yourself?

These calls work best when one or more of the following is true:

  1. You’re generating plenty of “leads”, but they’re ghosting you before a call is scheduled;
  2. You are closing fewer than 25% of the proposals you send out;
  3. You’re sending out proposals that are wildly outside of your client’s scope and they’re not signing;
  4. You’re wasting time creating proposals only to have clients never respond to them once you send it;
  5. You spend too much time chasing the above clients and not enough time concentrating on the hyper-qualified ones;
  6. You’re tired of creating proposals that you’re pretty sure won’t get signed, but feel like you have to.

Credo sales strategy calls are conducted by our team, either John (founder) or Rick (business development/sales) depending on your specific questions and needs.

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My session with John proved that you can get a lot done in a little time, when you’re working with the right people. He was knowledgeable but easy to work with. In SEO, specifics are key. With his examples and clear direction, we were able to quickly resolve my open questions and I walked away with confidence on what to do next.

Paul Skirbe, Director of Strategy/Marketing

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