Partner Profile Page

Partner Profile Page

Use the form below to update your profile on Credo. Please note that all fields (except for your email which is used to identify your profile) are optional, but if you fill out a field then the values entered will overwrite everything that already exists. For example, if you do SEO and Content consulting and want to add PR, please enter all 3 options under the Services You Provide area.

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    Every partner on Credo who receives leads is now required to have a public profile that shows who they are, what they do, and how much they charge. Pro reviews are also public onsite, and your profile page is where they go.
  • If you're an individual consultant, let's show your real name. If you're with an agency, let's show your agency name.
  • Repeat from above so your review ratings will show in the search results.
  • This will not be shown on your profile.
  • Not required, but encouraged to receive mobile leads.
  • If you have multiple locations, please select your primary. You will be able to add additional locations once your profile has been approved.
  • Faces work best, though company logos are acceptable as well.
  • Required Profile Information

  • See for inspiration.
    Enter if you are a solo consultant or an agency. If a one person agency, put agency.
    If you had to choose one, which of the above is your specialty?
    Leave blank if none
    These are services that you offer for a one-off fee, such as an SEO audit or PPC audit.
    Agency = more than one person; Consultant = just one person
    This is important because you can control the types of leads that are "qualified" for you. EG some agencies only take recurring projects, so mark as such.