Looking to hire for a full time or part time marketing position? Credo receives 20,000+ marketers monthly looking for information on consulting, hiring, and doing better marketing. A job posting on the Credo Marketing Jobs board gets you in front of them!

A job listing costs $79 for 60 days. You may promote your listing above the rest for the full 60 days for an additional $50.

Click the green button below to submit a new full time job to be listed on Credo. Jobs are posted for 60 days by default.

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A few questions we are asked frequently:

How much traffic does Credo get? Credo receives 20,000+ visits per month. 55% of Credo’s traffic comes from the United States and primarily its major cities of NYC, SF, Seattle, and Los Angeles. The balance of traffic is spread across various countries like India (9%), UK (7%), Canada (4%), followed by Australia, the Philippines, France, and Germany.

Can I extend the length of my job posting? It is not currently possible to extend your job posting for longer than 60 days.

What if my job is filled before the 60 days ends? If your job is filled before the 60 days are up and you would like it deactivated, please email hello@getcredo.com.

Do you give refunds for jobs being filled before the 60 days are up? No refunds are given for job listings.

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