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David Wilson

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David has over fifteen years experience designing and implementing cutting edge inbound marketing strategies in almost every vertical, working with the likes of GE, Gillette….

Krystian Szastok

Brigton + London, United Kingdom
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by Nick on Krystian Szastok
Highly recommended
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Krystian has been working on restoring our website position in google after it dropped considerably when we employed a small SEO agency for the previous 8 months. The agency just kept reassuring us that things would improve but they never did.Krystian has now regained our positions and is very easy to work with. Most of all he is transparent, demonstrating the work he has put in and recording all of the changes he makes, demonstrating the improvements of the website rankings. I would highly recommend him.

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I’ve been doing SEO most of my adult life, with over 8 years of experience, working across 3 leading UK SEO agencies, I now run…

Greg Gifford

Dallas, Texas
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With over 15 years of experience in marketing local businesses online, Greg Gifford is one of the leading experts in Local SEO. Greg has been…

Kieran Daly

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I run a small but personal design and marketing company in Cork, Ireland. We specialise in working with SMES who want decent to great results…

julien-berard-coastal"Finding a partner that fit our needs and online strategy has never been faster, easier or more painless. Sent one email and got matched the same day with the right guys doing the right thing and for the right price! Highly recommend!"
Julien Berard, former SEO Manager at

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