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In this digital, information era, people have more choices in how they connect and how they consume. They’re looking beyond how your company is packaged to who your company is.

Genuinely (formerly Mack Web) is a digital strategy company. We take a customer-focused, purpose-driven approach to building meaningful brands. For more than 13 years, Genuinely has helped companies clarify their meaning, audience, and approach to create a cross-channel experience that will earn customer trust, and with it, their business.

These are some of the challenges we typically help our clients solve:

– we’re not getting results from our marketing
– we have a successful offline brand but don’t know how to translate this online
– our awareness has plateaued and our audience isn’t growing
– we want an engaged community and we’re not sure how to build one

Genuinely is a Moz recommended company and a thought leader in the search engine marketing industry. We offer:

– brand audits to identify opportunities
– digital marketing strategies
– community building
– measurement to goal and vision alignment

Here’s typically what we look for in a client:

  • $5 million/year+ in revenue (typically closer to $10-15 mil/year is better)
  • Looking for a partner to help with ongoing strategy across channels and tactics (SEM, SEO, paid, social, content, etc)
  • Companies who are open to change (have a testing mentality; want to be engaged and also get out of the way)
  • Have at least a small marketing team that we can collaborate with
  • Have been struggling to get momentum, build their audience, get results doing what they’ve been doing
Typically we are not project/campaign/one channel-based (i.e we want you to do “(technical) SEO” for us or we want you to run a social campaign to build followers) however on a project basis we do help companies:
  1. clarify your purpose (those who are having a hard time with sales often find they are pushing product and not working on connecting with people so we do one-off workshops for this),
  2. figure out who your customer is (we can do a one-off customer journey map that powers content strategy),
  3. where to find your customer (we can do a test with paid paired with customer journey mapping to find market-fit),
  4. and how to talk to customers (purpose-driven content strategy) in order to increase sales.

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