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Inseev Interactive is a performance digital marketing agency based in San Diego. We specialize in SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing. We create custom solutions that fit your business objectives. Message us and let’s work to grow your website!


Because every marketing dollar we spend is designed to pay for itself, we measure and monitor our efforts like a hawk as we undertake campaigns, and adjust accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency.

Our integrated campaigns are designed on a testing framework that allows us to glean insights on what works and what doesn’t as fast as possible, and scale success areas. By allowing statistics to guide us, we are able to consistently improve results, continue testing, and repeat the cycle indefinitely. No set-it-and-forget-it from the Inseev team.

SEO Services

Every SEO campaign is custom built to integrate into the company’s business objectives. We start with a robust SEO audit (audit example) that builds the framework for SEO optimization and profile growth. After the audit process, we work with the internal team to decide which resources can be completed in-house, and which Inseev should tackle. From there, we execute, analyze, shift strategy as needed, and repeat. From white hat link building to SEO-focused site migration considerations, our SEO team can help grow your profile.

Learn more about our SEO Audit Service here!

PPC Services

Most big agencies sell you a one-size-fits-all package for some predetermined amount of money each month. Then, they use automated software programs to manage the strategy and spend very little human time on your account. We put human eyes on your account every day, and we charge you for the exact amount of time that we spend on managing and optimizing your account.

We know that needs and goals are wildly different from business to business, and optimization efforts are drastically different in month one than they are in month ten. There is often significantly more effort required to optimize your strategy in the beginning months, and then once you have an optimal strategy things go into a maintenance cadence. We believe that our approach is the most effective, fair, and transparent way to provide search services custom fit to your business’ needs.

Thinking about starting a new PPC campaign or optimizing an existing one?

Let us know and we will complete a free audit of the account. 

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