About Credo

About Credo

Credo started in 2013 because our founder, veteran SEO and digital marketer John Doherty, was frustrated by seeing his friends and other business owners hire bad marketing agencies who at best didn’t grow their traffic and at worst hurt their business. One of his friends lost over 2/3 of his organic traffic because of a bad SEO agency!

So, he set out to build the solution to that problem. Out of that came Credo, a network of vetted SEO and digital marketing providers who we know and trust to grow your business with great digital marketing and strategy.

What we’re solving

Finding someone you trust to help you grow your business can be really hard and frustrating. We saw it in our own friends, who are not marketing specialists and were taken for a ride by bad marketing consultants who at best didn’t have an effect on their business, and at worst severely hurt it.

Plainly put:

We can save you thousands of dollars and months of time by consulting with you on your needs and then introducing you to the marketing providers in the Credo network who specialize in what you need and the kind of business that you are.

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How we do it

At Credo, we take a different approach from marketplaces like Upwork or Thumbtack, where you have to sort through hundreds of responses from marketers of variable quality.

We learn your needs first

There are plenty of marketplaces out there where you can go and buy a packaged marketing deal. Sometimes this is needed, which is why we have all of the marketing services our pros offer.

But that doesn’t work for someone like you who isn’t sure what is needed to grow your business or what kind of project you need.

At Credo we work with you to make sure you are clear on your needs before we introduce you to the right providers.

No tricks or gimmicks here. We’re about real businesses with real projects and real budgets, and apply our decade+ of marketing experience to get it right.

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Our own Credo


Every marketing provider on Credo has been vetted by our team for great work. At the top of each profile you can see the level to which they have been vetted. All Preferred providers have had at least a thirty minute conversation with us and we speak with them monthly on the phone.

Most pros listed on Credo also have reviews on their profile, put there by their current or former clients. We do look at every review before it goes live to ensure the highest quality and consistency in reviews.


We want to bring transparency to the world of online marketing consulting. We believe that quality consulting will make you an ROI beyond any low-cost provider, and that does not come cheap.

This is why we show every provider’s hourly rate. If we’ve chatted with you about your project, we won’t introduce you to someone outside of your budget limits.


Online marketing packages don’t work if they are not aligned with company goals, so we’ve asked every provider to tell us their specialty. We have also seen at least two of their clients and verified their metrics using common digital marketing tools like AHREFS and Moz.

You  will not be matched with a marketing provider who does not specialize in the skills and type of project you need.

We take pride in making the highest quality matches possible and work with our pros to make sure they are meeting our incredibly high standards.

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Why “Credo”?

“Credo” is short for “credible”. We are tired of bad marketing providers doing subpar work for clients, so Credo started to bring transparency, good business practices, and great work to the consulting world.

This is what we work towards every day.

Who is Credo?

Credo was founded and is run by John Doherty. John has almost a decade of experience in SEO and online marketing. Before starting Credo, he ran marketing/growth for HotPads and Trulia Rentals, part of the Zillow Group family of real estate brands. Before that he was a consultant at Distilled, where he was the most senior consultant and a founding member of the New York City office. During his time there he consulted with everyone from small VC-backed startups (who closed rounds of funding because of his work) to large international hotel chains with multiple brands and brand needs. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Courtney and their very large black labrador Butterbean.

I’ve been working with John for the last 18 months after we were introduced by a mutual colleague whos deep SEO knowledge I respect. I’ve worked with a handful of talented (and some not so talented) consultants in this space since 2011, and after speaking with a half-dozen more when we were looking to onboard someone new to tackle some hairy projects, I can confidently say John is the best I’ve come across. He has extensive experience running and advising SEO programs at companies with complex organic search challenges like Autodesk. Beyond domain expertise, John is incredibly responsive and easy to work with. Even though has been a consultant for us, he quickly became a trusted part of our team. His biggest strength might be his ability to successfully work with various groups across the company, from highly technical to nontechnical, and explain complex SEO concepts in a manner that all can understand and align around. The bottom line is that John is a great guy to have on your side.

Paul Ghio, Head of Growth at Creative Market (formerly part of Autodesk)