About Credo

About Credo

Credo was founded in 2013 in order to meet some felt needs in the Internet community. Specifically, great companies were being taken advantage of by illicit consultants while great consultants didn’t have enough work. Credo’s goal is to change this.


First, we seek to match deserving businesses with reputable and vetted consultants who deliver value from their work. All of our consultants have been personally vouched for by other industry peers. They meet minimum requirements for quality in their field, and all have been personally vetted by the site’s founder.

Most pros listed on Credo also have reviews on their profile, put there by their current or former clients. We do review every review before it goes live to ensure the highest quality and consistency in reviews.


Second, we want to bring transparency to the world of online marketing consulting. Many people believe that organic traffic is “free” and thus consulting should be inexpensive. We believe that quality consulting will make you an ROI beyond any low-cost provider, and that does not come cheap.

This is why we show every agency or consultant’s hourly rate, so that there are no nasty surprises.


Third, we want companies to find the best consultant for their specific needs. Online marketing packages don’t work if they are not aligned with company goals, so each consultant has told Credo their specialties. Thus, any company seeking services will not be matched with a consultant who does not specialize in the skills needed.

We take pride in making the highest quality matches possible and work with our pros to make sure they are meeting our incredibly high standards.

Why “Credo”?

“Credo” is short for “credible”. We are tired of good companies having bad marketing consultants do subpar work on their businesses, so Credo started to bring transparency to the consulting world. We’re a long ways from realizing that vision, but we work towards it every day.

Who is Credo?

Credo was founded and is run by John Doherty. John has years of experience in SEO and online marketing. Currently doing growth marketing in San Francisco, he previously was a consultant at Distilled, where he was the most senior consultant and a founding member of the New York City office. During his time there he consulted with everyone from small VC-backed startups (who closed rounds of funding because of his work) to large international hotel chains with multiple brands and brand needs. He has more recently run marketing and growth marketing for Zillow Group’s brands HotPads and Trulia Rentals, focusing on SEO, email, editorial PR, content marketing, and link acquisition.

Note: some links on Credo may be affiliate links, meaning if  you buy something from them we will get a small cut of the transaction.