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Getting new leads is one of the hardest parts of running an agency. Without leads, you can’t work towards closing them into a paying client.

New leads for digital agencies is why Credo exists, and this offer is specifically for you.

With a Network membership, you get:

  • 1 Notified daily of available new SEO, PPC, content marketing, Facebook Ads, and other general digital marketing and web development leads available for purchase. Most have under $2,500/mo in monthly marketing budget,
  • 2┬áBe considered for the Pipeline membership when space is available,
  • 3 Discounts on the Credo Accelerator and future courses.

Learn more below, then start the certification process.

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How it works

Submit your interest

Submit your interest in joining Credo network.

Vetting & certification

We will review your application within a business day.

Approval and join

Once approved, you can join the network and access the Lead Feed. Notifications are sent daily about new leads.


Lead Feed Network Overview

Lead notifications and access.

Lead feed access

Access a list ("feed") of leads that have been reviewed and approved by the Credo team. If a lead is of interest to you, buy it with your card on file to access their contact information. Currently 30-50 leads a month are made available.

Track your bought leads inside Credo using our proprietary Tracking Platform.

Lead notifications (via email)

Get notified daily of new available leads. Leads are divided into three categories - email with no phone provided, email and phone provided, email and phone verified (via a call).

Lead Feed Access

Subscribe to a feed of vetted marketing leads
  • Lead feed access (contact info available on a pay per lead basis)
  • Notified daily via email of new vetted leads (30-50 per month)
  • Contact leads that you deem are qualified for you
  • Discounts on the Credo Accelerator and future courses

Membership contingent on vetting approval

$149 annual certification fee
then pay per lead

Certification averages to just $12.41 per month!

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"Hey! I closed a lead from this list! :) I bought one and signed it for $1,500/month first up to bat. Thanks for doing this service! I love it."
John Morabito Winston Digital
John Morabito


Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Credo Lead Network.

How thoroughly are leads qualified?

All leads coming through the Lead Bank have submitted a form with their information and a project description. A large percentage (~60%) also provide a phone number, and we tell you if this information is available before you buy the lead. The occasional lead will reach out to Credo and have a phone call where we determine they are a better fit for this offering. We note this on the listing.

Are these leads hot or cold?

All leads in the Lead Bank are visible for 7 days from when they are approved. We do not mine websites for contact information, which means that all leads available have actively expressed interest in hiring an agency and are expecting to be contacted.

What contact information do I get?

Every lead has at minimum the point of contact's name and email address. Approximately half also contain a phone number. About 25% have spoken with Credo. We tell you what information is available before you purchase each lead.

How many people can buy each lead?

We do not cap the number of people who can buy each lead. As of January 2021 the average lead is only bought 1.2 times, which means you have a high chance at winning the business. We do show you how many times it has been bought before you buy.

Where do Credo's leads come from?

Much like you, we market Credo to grow our audience and generate the qualified prospects that you are looking for. We primarily drive audience and client inquiries through our own SEO rankings, content marketing, and paid advertising across various platforms.

Do you guarantee any amount of leads per month?

No. We do not guarantee that any of the leads will be a good fit for your services.

How long are leads visible for?

Leads are visible for 7 days after they are submitted. This is to keep the list fresh and to not overwhelm the point of contact with new outreach after they've already been contacted multiple times.

What if I want more or higher budgets leads?

Most leads with a marketing budget of $2,500 per month and over are sent to our invite-only Sales Pipeline As A Service agencies. The occasional project with a need other than our core (SEO/PPC/social) with a larger budget does come through the Lead Bank.

Is there an additional charge if the lead closes to a client?

No. The fee you pay for the lead is all you pay. There is no finders or success fee.

What about refunds?

There are no refunds.