Credo for Pros

Credo for Pros

Credo Pro is reopening on June 15th, 2017 for 2 weeks only. If you want to hear when it reopens, please put your information into the form here and you will hear when it’s open.

Since its start in October 2015, Credo has sent over $3,200,000 (yes, that’s million) worth of work to agencies and consultants.

Credo Pro is how you, a marketing agency or consultant specializing in SEO and do industry-leading work, can be listed and start receiving new leads.

But it’s not for everyone.

Who Is Credo Pro For?

Credo Pro is for marketing professionals who work with clients to grow the client business through digital marketing channels. Credo focuses primarily on SEO, content marketing, local SEO, and paid acquisition for SMBs.

You might be a good fit for Credo Pro if you or your agency:

  • Works primarily with SMBs or startups.
  • Works with budgets primarily from $2k-$5k per month.
  • Have capabilities in multiple marketing channels. One-channel marketers except for SEO specialists will not see value from the Credo Pro platform.
  • Is willing to commit to a 3 month minimum on the platform.

You are probably not a good fit for Credo Pro if you or your agency:

  • Is not transparent with Credo or your clients about your marketing tactics.
  • Does anything for clients that is outside of Google’s guidelines.
  • Is located outside of the US, UK, or Australia.

The Vetting Process

Every agency or consultant must be vetted before you are listed on Credo.

This process involves:

  • Fill out the questionnaire here to see if you are a good fit
  • If you are, schedule a 30 minute phone call with Credo founder John Doherty to discuss your services and to learn more about how Credo Pro works
  • Once Credo vets you qualitatively and is comfortable with your client management and sales processes, you will be asked to submit two clients to Credo so we can vet your results quantitatively via SEMrush, OpenSiteExplorer, and other relevant tools.
  • Only once this is done will you be allowed on the platform on the Freelancer level only to start. We want you to see success early on the platform. If Credo is right for you and you contact up to your cap easily each month, you are more than welcome to then upgrade.

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Credo Pro Levels

Pro tip: the table scrolls to the right.

Agency+ Consultant Freelancer
# Project Contacts Per Month 16 8 3
Profile on Credo Yes Yes Yes
Respond to Open Projects Yes Y Y
Activation fee? N N N
Upgrade/downgrade at any time? Y Y Y
Limit of members 20 N N
Minimum commitment N Y Y
Price per month $500.00 $200.00 $100.00

Sean Smith - Simple Tiger“Credo has sent SimpleTiger over $125,000 in new business in the past year, with an ROI of $27 for every $1 spent! We’re now able to source back over 20% of our revenue to clients that first came through Credo. I’d recommend it to absolutely everyone.”

Sean Smith, SimpleTiger

We know that business is expensive and you have a limited number of marketing dollars to allocate. We get asked often about our prices. Here’s the deal:

  • On the agency plan, if you close one $3750 per month lead that stays with you for 12 months, you’ve generated a 10x return on your money.
  • On the consultant plan, a $2000 per month lead that stays with you for 12 months generates a 10x return.
  • With the freelancer plan, just one client at $1000/mo generates a 10x return on your investment.


The Lead Manager

Within Credo Pro, regardless of your level, you can view all of the leads they have received through the platform. They are then able to contact or decline a lead depending on if that lead is a good fit for them.


More details are then viewed on the next screen:

Should you then want to contact the lead, click the green Contact button and do it on the next screen.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Where do Credo leads come from?
A) Many pros have asked us where the Credo leads come from. In the spirit of transparency (after all, Credo is built on transparency), we want to be straight up with you. We do not buy leads from others and we do not sell leads to other providers. All Credo leads come from the usual marketing channels one might expect – SEO, content marketing, email marketing, guest posting, and referrals from others. We do a bit of Facebook advertising as well to keep potential inquirers in the marketing funnel. We also have one partnership that sends us direct SEO leads.

Building a business is hard. It’s tempting to cut corners for the sake of padding numbers, but that’s not the business we’re building at Credo. Lead volume has increased steadily every month for the last year and the goal is to keep adding as much outsized value as possible to all pros.

Q) What is a “qualified lead”?
A) Credo gets leads of all types, and we only notify you of those that are qualified for you (services needed, budget, type of project). We get more than the number stated for each level, but the number stated is the average number you will see in a given month over a 12 month period as the marketing leads industry is down seasonally in the summer and busier in the spring and fall.

Q) How are payments handled?
A) Payments are done after you select your level on this page and handled through Stripe. You can pay with any major credit card. Credo is SSL protected.

Q) What happens when I upgrade or downgrade?
A) If you want to upgrade or downgrade your account, you can at any time. If upgrading, you will have more access through the Account dropdown in the menu. If you downgrade, you will have less access than before.

Q) What if I want to cancel?
A) If you want to cancel your account for any reason, you can do so of course, though we do request seven days notice so that we can try to make it right. We will be sorry to see you go.

Q) What happens after I join and submit my profile?
A) After all this happens, the Credo team will vet each pro and then approve them. Once you are approved, you will then be emailed directions about how to finish your profile and submit it for publishing. Once you submit it for publishing, Credo will receive an email about it, will verify that all the needed information has been provided, and then publish your profile. You will then receive an email that it is live!

Q) How do I rank better on Credo?
A) You cannot pay to rank better on Credo. Rankings are driven off of the freshness of your profile and the quantity and quality of your reviews, as well as a few other factors.

Q) Anything else I should know?
A) Credo is growing quickly and always changing. We welcome your feedback – hello at getcredo dot com – and look forward to growing your business!

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