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Own or growing a marketing service business and want to take it to the next level?

Credo helps you grow a more consistent marketing business with:

  • 1 Agency Accelerator Course – Learn to generate leads and close sales
  • 2 Lead Network – Get access to a continual list of new project leads
  • 3 Sales Pipeline As A Service – Our flagship offering

Keep reading to learn more and find the right Plan for you.

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What is Credo?

Credo helps you grow your marketing service business.

Regardless of your stage of business, Credo has a plan for you.

Accelerator Course

Access Credo's Accelerator program to learn how to build your agency from the ground up.

Lead Network Access

Join the Lead Network to be notified of leads you can buy access to. Also access discounts to the Accelerator Course and more.

Pipeline As A Service

For the fastest growing agencies, get consistent sales pipeline added to your calendar every month.

*This program is invite-only and based on availability. You must have an active Network account to be considered.

Credo's offerings

Accelerator Course

Grow your service business with improved lead generation and sales processes

The Accelerator course includes:

  • Access Credo's 5 module Agency Accelerator trainings on lead generation and sales
  • Access 1 bonus "Pricing" module
  • Lifetime access to content updates
$329 one time
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Lead Network

Gain access to a list of vetted marketing leads

Available-for-purchase leads that:

  • Are reviewed by Credo before being published
  • Are available on a per-lead basis
  • Stay active for 7 days after lead publishing
  • Mostly spend under $2,500 per month on marketing or are not a fit for Credo's Pipeline agencies
  • Average 20-40 available leads per month
  • Public WWW directory listing (add-on coming soon)
Per lead or subscription
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Pipeline As A Service

Done-for-you sales pipeline on your calendar every month

Accelerate your agency with more pipeline and high value prospect access.

  • Done-for-you pipeline generation
  • Enhanced account support
  • Leads over $2,500 per month in marketing spend
  • Credo profile
  • Credo review engine
From $1,699 per month
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A Lead Network account is required before being considered.

Which plan is right for you?

Here are the types of agencies who see success with Credo.

Accelerator Course

Providers who get the most from the Accelerator Course:

  • Are Founders or Partners at an agency
  • Need/want to specialize
  • Have trouble communicating what they do
  • Don't have an effective sales process
  • Have lower-than-desired close rates on proposals

Lead Network

Providers who get the most from this Plan:

  • Work primarily with enterprises, SMBs, and startups;
  • Work on projects primarily below $2,500 per month;
  • Do both audits and ongoing retained work;
  • Have a specialty (such as ecommerce SEO);
  • Providers must be based in the US or Canada to qualify

Pipeline As A Service

Providers in Pipeline plans:

  • Have consistent processes and get consistent results
  • Are growing quickly and need more sales pipeline volume
  • Have solid proposal processes and close rates
  • Are seen as industry leaders (or quickly becoming that)
  • Providers must be based in the US or Canada and have an active Lead Network account to qualify

Find the right offering for you

Accelerator Course Lead Network Pipeline As A Service
Leads access Accelerator
Lead Network
Accelerator training Accelerator Lead NetworkAdd-on Pipeline
Project tracking platform Accelerator Lead Network Pipeline
Credo directory listing Accelerator Lead NetworkAdd-on Pipeline
Onboarding call Accelerator Lead Network Pipeline
Priority account support Accelerator Lead Network Pipeline
Dedicated account manager Accelerator Lead Network Pipeline
Done-for-you pipeline Accelerator Lead Network Pipeline
$329 one time

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Per lead or subscription

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From $1,699 per month

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*4-month minimum engagement


Here are the most commonly asked questions about Credo Pro.

How do I join?

To join the Accelerator Course, click here to get all of the information then check out to join and access the Course area.

To join the Lead Network, click here. You must have an active approved Network to qualify for our flagship Pipeline offering when space is available.

The Sales-Pipeline-As-A-Service offering is invite-only.

Is Credo only for marketing agencies?

In short, yes and no. The Accelerator Course is open to any type of B2B service business, from marketing to design and development to lawyers and HVAC professionals.

The Lead Network and Pipeline levels are for digital marketing firms. Credo does not work with product companies or firms that only do development, design, or other things outside of digital marketing.

Why agencies choose Credo

Credo's helped 5,500+ companies in their search for a marketing company since 2015, and we're just getting started.

Businesses trust Credo to help them find and hire the right digital marketing firm for their needs because they know we've done the work upfront to make sure that you are best in the world at what you do. And we take the time to get to know them and you so that we can be confident that once a match is made, they'll be happy.

This translates into happier and longer lasting clients for agencies. We've cracked the code on generating projects on demand as desired, so we consistently keep sales pipelines full so you can focus on selling to prospects who become clients.

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"I joined Credo a few years after going out on my own. Since then, we’ve grown 5x as a company. Being on Credo gives me confidence that lead activity will not completely dry up, which has factored in heavily as I weighed each new hire in the last few years."
Steve Latronica of SL Development
Steve Latronica

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