Grow your marketing business’s sales pipeline

Are you a marketing agency or full-time experienced solo consultant? Then apply to become a member of the Credo network.

Grow a more consistent and profitable marketing business by:

  • 1 Meeting and signing new clients,
  • 2 Retaining more contracts,
  • 3 Improving sales skills, and

Get paid on time (via the Credo Escrow payment system) for doing great work delivered on time.

New pros are on-boarded to the network as they are needed to fulfill requests for work. Pros are reviewed based on application date, services offered, budgets worked within, and the needs of clients coming through Credo. We are not actively reviewing applications unless there is a specific need from a client.

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What is Credo?

Credo is a client generation and project delivery platform for marketing agencies, expert consultants, and qualified freelancers. Network members are introduced to pre-qualified clients, manage the sales and post-sales relationship, and get paid by your clients on time.

All through Credo's proprietary marketplace and delivery technology.

Real clients

All clients on Credo are pre-qualified and verified by the Credo team to ensure proper expectations set.

Qualified marketing projects

All projects on Credo are pre-qualified to verify marketing budget, needs, and results expectations.

Project delivery platform

Deliver work to your clients through the Credo's proprietary project delivery platform.

"Before I started working with Credo, my agency was stagnant. I tried working with several companies who claimed to generate leads, but they didn't deliver and I wasted thousands of dollars which left me feeling frustrated and stressed. Credo has consistently introduced me to high quality and motivated prospects looking for my specific digital marketing services and expertise. Credo has added over $100,000 in revenue to my company since working with them. I don't know where I'd be without Credo."
Jordan Choo of Kogneta
Jordan Choo

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New client generation

Sign and retain more new clients, while delivering exceptional work along the way.

Grow your pipeline

The Credo client network gives you access to highly pre-qualified marketing prospects with pre-defined project requirements. Every client project is funded once you close the deal and before you begin work, so payment is guaranteed. No more chasing invoices!

The average Credo pro closes 1-2 new clients per month.

Sign more work

The Credo platform facilitates the sales process, engineered specifically to help you propose the right work and close a higher percentage of proposals than average.

87% of projects sent proposals through Credo close to paying clients.

Credo client network statistics

Every month Credo generates millions of dollars in projects. Here's how they break down.

Services needed

Clients hiring through Credo break down across marketing channels this way:

  • 59% need SEO
  • 8% need content marketing
  • 14% need PPC/social ads
  • 15% need multiple channels

Clients hiring through Credo break down across industries this way:

  • 15% technology
  • 12% healthcare
  • 8% marketing industry
  • 7% lifestyle
  • 7% education
  • 7% fashion
  • 43% other
Business type

Clients hiring through Credo break down across business types this way:

  • 29% lead generation
  • 23% service business
  • 21% ecommerce
  • 13% software as a service (SaaS)
  • 13% other

Retain new clients and grow your business.

Credo helps you close and retain more clients, while delivering exceptional work along the way.

Retain clients

The Credo platform helps you turn audits into retained clients, and then continue to retain them by giving them transparency into what work you are doing and when things are due to be delivered.

Report to them monthly and keep the relationship smooth.

Deliver work

The Credo project delivery platform handles everything from scheduling discovery calls to invoicing work.

Credo supports your sales and delivery efforts while allowing you to focus on results.

Get paid on time

Credo handles client invoicing for you, so you can rest assured that you'll get paid as long as you deliver work as agreed in your proposal.

No more chasing invoices!

Who's a fit for Credo Pro?

Here are the types of pros who see success on Credo.

You offer these services

The members who see the most value from Credo offer consulting and services in these marketing channels:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content marketing
  • PPC (Google/Bing)
  • Facebook/Instagram advertising
  • Growth strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing

You also fit these things

  • Works primarily with enterprises, SMBs, and startups;
  • Works with budgets primarily above $1,500 per month;
  • Ideally do both audits and ongoing retained work;
  • Have a specialty (such as ecommerce SEO);
  • Are located in the US, UK, or Canada.

You also have at least 1 of these challenges:

  • Not enough qualified prospects;
  • Low close rates on proposals;
  • No central place to deliver work to clients;
  • Gathering client feedback and retaining projects;
  • Forgetting to send invoices.

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Network Features


Group coaching that includes:

Group coaching calls

Six weekly coaching calls Credo experts who have sold millions of dollars of work and taught the Credo sales process to Credo network members.

Proposal audit/review

Get two of your most recent proposals reviewed and audited to help you improve your proposal close rates.

12-month sales strategy

A customized blueprint to help you generate more leads, close more proposals, and grow your firm.


Join the Credo Pro network which includes:

Credo client network

Put your hat in the ring to be matched with clients who are pre-qualified for what you offer.

Credo Pro profile

Have a profile on Credo where you can send prospective clients to show them you know your stuff.

Project delivery platform

Close deals and deliver work to clients through Credo.

Pro Plus (coming soon)

Everything in Pro, plus (see what we did there?):

Group account features

Assign sales staff to projects and account managers to closed projects so you sell and deliver work seamlessly.

High-value-client access

Get access to Credo's best clients who require a higher level of delivery and attention.

Dedicated account manager

Leverage Credo's account management crew to help you deliver work on time and grow client accounts.

Network Plans


Perfect if you need to increase lead and sales velocity

Ready to improve your lead generation and sales? With the Accelerator you get:

  • 6 weekly coaching calls where we present a topic and a lesson around agency growth, including:
    • Lead generation
    • The sales funnel that works
    • Lead qualification and workflow automation
  • Live Q/A on each call
  • Lifetime access to content (add-on)
  • Private consulting call (add-on)

Cohort 2 just wrapped. Cohort 3 begins early April 2020.

$1,097 one-time fee
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Pro Plan

Best for: consultants and agencies from 2-10 people

Get started with the Credo network and project delivery platform.

  • Access to Credo client network
  • Credo Pro profile
  • Project delivery platform (1 seat)
  • One (1) thirty (30) minute onboarding/coaching call within your first week
  • Sales accelerator (add-on)
  • Show off your status publicly with a Credo badge (coming soon)
  • Multiple seats add-on (coming soon)
$699 per year

*Plus commission on lifetime of client

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Agency Plan

Best for: agencies with 10+ people delivering larger projects

Grow your agency with our group account features and high value prospects.

  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • High-value-client access
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Group account features
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This plan should launch Q3 2020

Coming soon

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Group coaching calls Starter Pro Agency
Proposal audit/review Starter Pro Agency
Credo client network access Starter Pro Agency
Credo Pro profile Starter Pro Agency
Project delivery platform Starter Pro Agency
Private sales coaching call Starter Pro Agency
High-value-client access Starter Pro Agency
Dedicated account manager Starter Pro Agency
Group account features Starter Pro Agency
$899 one-time
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$699 per year
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Product features

These features and more are included in Credo.

Accept/decline matches

Review and accept or decline new matches.

Accept or decline matches

In-app messaging

Message clients via Credo to coordinate and encourage calls.


Call scheduling

Clients schedule calls with you via Credo.

Schedule calls


Send focused proposals and attach needed files.

Proposal creation

Deliver work

Deliver the work sold via the Credo Platform.

Work delivery

Get paid, guaranteed

Get paid on time, guaranteed, for delivering work on time.



Here are the most commonly asked questions about Credo Pro.

What does Credo cost?

Let's get the most common question out of the way first. In addition to the network fee, Credo also receives a percentage of the project value on clients you work with through Credo on the Pro or Pro Plus plan.

Where does Credo find clients?

Much like you, we do our own marketing to grow our audience and generate the qualified clients that you are looking for. We primarily drive audience and client inquiries through our own SEO rankings, content marketing, and a bit of paid advertising across various platforms.

How many leads can I expect per month from Credo?

The average pro on Credo currently closes 1-2 new clients per month at an average project value of $2,700 monthly.

Simply put, we believe in getting you clients, not selling you leads.

How involved is Credo after the client signs a contract?

Once the project is closed, Credo's delivery platform takes over. Credo invoices the client monthly and pays out to pros once work is completed. Audits and monthly reports are delivered through Credo. Cred is not an account manager and is not checking your work or resolving agency/client disagreements.

How many firms are in the Credo Pro network?

We do not disclose how many firms are currently within the Credo Pro network as the number is always changing. We do only match each client to two Pros, so you will not be competing against lowballers and unqualified firms who promise the world and cannot deliver. Our top Pros historically average 4-6 new client introductions per month with high close rates (over 50%), while the average Pro receives 1-3 matches per month.

How many clients does Credo get per month?

Since July 2018, we have averaged over $2,000,000 in project work generated each month across SEO, PPC, Facebook, and content marketing channels. We purposefully only work with clients with at least $1,500 per month in marketing spend, and often require more if they need help with paid acquisition.

How does Credo qualify clients?

After a client submits their inquiry, our team conducts a discovery call to learn more about their project. We qualify them based on services needed, budget, business health, and more.

Once we verify that their expectations are reasonable, their needs are legitimate, and they have paid their project deposit to Credo then they are considered qualified and are matched to two pros from the Credo Pro Network.

What is a “qualified client” on Credo?

A qualified client on Credo is a client who needs services that our network offers, has a reasonable budget to spend, has reasonable expectations for results and budget, and focuses on the right metrics for their business.

How does Credo match clients with network members?

We take a high touch approach to matching clients with the right pros, and pros with the right clients. We match based on the services needed, the client's company type, their marketing budget, and more.

How do I accept a match with a client?

If we think that a client would be a good match for you/your company, you will receive a notification that you have a match request. You can log in, look at the project, and accept or decline the match. The client will then schedule a discovery call with you via Credo's platform.

Can I get local clients?

We purposefully do not currently target specific areas to generate new clients, and thus Credo may not be the best fit for you if you are looking for clients in your local area. From time to time we will get a client who prioritizes a local provider and in those cases we take that into account, but it is not our usual way of working.

Can I bring my own clients to Credo?

We do not officially support this yet, but if you want Credo to help you do this (it's possible, just not seamless for you yet) and take care of the invoicing for you and provide the platform for you to manage your clients, please email us!

Why clients choose Credo

Credo's helped 3,500+ companies since 2015, and we're just getting started.

Clients use Credo to help them find, hire, and work with the right digital marketing firm for their needs because they know we've done the work upfront to make sure that you are best in the world at what you do. And we take the time to get to know them and you so that we can be confident that once a match is made, they'll be happy.

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"I joined Credo a few years after going out on my own. Since then, we’ve grown 5x as a company. Being on Credo gives me confidence that lead activity will not completely dry up, which has factored in heavily as I weighed each new hire in the last few years."
Steve Latronica of SL Development
Steve Latronica

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