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Please note: Credo is currently not accepting new agencies and consultants into the Credo network. To hear when the network opens again, please subscribe to the email list below.

What is Credo Pro?

Credo is a network of vetted and trusted digital marketing vendors. Credo Pro helps digital marketing firms and consultants acquire more clients while investing less time than by yourself. We also produce content for agencies and consultants to better grow their business.

Credo is not a marketplace where marketing professionals have access to projects that have been posted looking for marketing services. While it began as this, Credo has two main offerings for marketers:

Credo Network

Everyone begins listed within the Credo network. Potential clients contact you directly through your profile (or call you if on mobile). The cost is an annual fee, which you pay after applying and being accepted. More about acceptance below.

Credo Preferred Program

Credo’s Preferred program is an invite-only program. It is a monthly retainer model and you work closely with Credo to receive and close new leads into clients. This offering is currently closed.

Heads up! If you are looking to hire a marketing professional or agency to work with your business, you should start here by contacting Credo to help you hire

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If you want to join Credo Pro when the network reopens, sign up to our 6 day "get to know Credo Pro" email course.

Who is Credo Pro for?

You might be a good fit for the Credo Pro network if you or your agency:

  • Works primarily with enterprises, SMBs, and startups
  • Works with budgets primarily above $1,500 per month
  • Have capabilities in multiple marketing channels, with a deep focus in one area such as SEO or PPC.

You are probably not a good fit for Credo Pro if you or your agency:

  • Is not transparent with Credo or your clients about your marketing tactics
  • Does anything for clients that is outside of Google’s guidelines
  • Is located outside of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or some Western Europe countries. Businesses coming to Credo for help are primarily US/North America based.
Credo Pro is perfect for:
  • Marketing agencies who do multiple types of services, or specialize in one type of service;
  • Marketing consultants looking to get a few new clients per year;

The Credo network is not a good fit for freelancers doing work outside of a day job. Credo is not a freelancer marketplace.

Credo Pro is not for:
  • Brand new firms looking to get their first clients;
  • Firms who work primarily with very small budgets;
  • Firms looking to generate new clients who are substantially larger than your current clients.

What do I get with Credo Pro?

Inclusion in the Credo network gets you:

Credo Profile

A Credo network profile that you can share with clients and post reviews.


Ability to get reviews from current and past clients, which (usually) show in Google’s search results.

Client contacts

Your profile has a dedicated contact form where potential clients contact you directly.

Mobile conversions

On mobile, the ability for potential clients to call you directly from their phone to the phone number you specify

Facebook Group Access

Access to our private Facebook group for Credo members only

Contributor Access

Access to guest post on the Credo blog

But wait, there's more...

You will also get free or discounted access to the content we produce to help you grow your business. Content is similar to the content produced on our YouTube channel and the Credo blog.

Credo Pro Plans


The Annual Consultant level is for solo consultants who operate under their name, not a brand name. You get a profile on the site with the ability to receive reviews from clients plus inquiries from new potential clients who find you through the platform. Consultants get on average 4-6 contacts per year, and growing.

$299 per year


Agencies on Credo get more projects than consultants. You have the sales cycles and ability to scale up and down figured out. Agencies get a profile on the site with the ability to receive reviews from your clients. New potential clients contact you through your profile. Agency profiles get on average 6-9 contacts per year, and growing.

$699 per year


Credo’s Preferred program is an invite-only program. It is a monthly retainer model and you work closely with Credo to receive and close new leads into clients. We have two main levels within the Preferred model, so if you are interested in discussing this further you can email us with the subject line Preferred Interest.

Price: Upon request

Learn all about Credo Pro

If you're considering Credo Pro, you might want to go through our 6 day "get to know Credo Pro" email course.

Details & FAQ

How does Credo vet Pros?

We are committed to only listing the best marketing providers on Credo. When you apply to Credo, we ask for two of your clients, including their URLs, so that we can look at their metrics in Ahrefs and similar tools.

If you only do audits, you are welcome on Credo. In the Project Description box you should describe the work you did and some of the issues you identified. We may reach out to ask for example documents in order to gauge the quality of your work.

What if I want more projects?

At this point, we are very selective about who we actively send projects to. All of these have a Preferred annotation on their profile on network category pages.

We directly invite agencies who we think may be interested when we have more than enough projects. We only open it a few times per year, and only to those already within the network.

The Preferred membership involves a monthly retainer plus a percentage of monthly billed work.

This offering is currently closed.

"John took the time to understand our business and feels like an extension of our team. He pairs us with opportunities that fit our specialties and client profile. The lead quality and attention to detail are impressive."

Credo Stats

Since its inception in October 2015, Credo has sent over $60,000,000 (yes, that’s million) worth of work across 2,200+ digital marketing projects to agencies and consultants.

Credo Pro is how you, a marketing agency or consultant that does industry-leading work, join the Credo network and meet people in the verticals you specialize in who become great clients.

Credo's current metrics include:

18,000-20,000 unique visitors and 21,000-30,000 pageviews per month

$2.5M-$3.3M in new work (annualized value) per month (60-90 leads/mo)

clients across US (80%), UK (10%), Australia (5%), and other English-speaking countries (5%);

Common FAQs

We do not think of Credo Pro as a lead generation service, therefore we do not sell "leads". The Credo process introduces you to clients that we have already vetted and asked you if you would like to be matched with them.

A) The Credo process is high-touch, and matching is manual. Once we intake a new client (via our vetting process of their inquiry followed by a discovery call), we use our internal tooling to determine the right fit for their project and send out match requests. Once you accept it, we make introductions.

A) Our full process is outlined here. At a high level, we care about three things: 1) your client results, 2)  your professionalism, and 3) your company culture of selling and interacting with clients.

A) We do not contact your clients without your permission. You are 100% in control.

A) Payments are handled through Stripe. You can pay with any major credit card, and Credo is SSL protected.

A) If you want to cancel your account for any reason, you can do so of course. We do not offer refunds on the annual plan and your profile will remain live until the end of that year.

Once you have been approved and join, you submit your profile for review publishing, Credo verifies that all the needed information has been provided, and then we publish your profile.

A) Rankings are driven off of the freshness of your profile, the quantity and quality of your reviews, and a few other factors. Like any company run by someone with an SEO background, we have our own ranking algorithm :)

A) We do not have a free tier or a Freemium tier, as it can take a few weeks to months to close a project. You will not see a positive ROI within a month, but should within the first 3 months of joining.

Learn more about Credo Pro

If you want to join Credo Pro when the network reopens, sign up to our 6 day "get to know Credo Pro" email course.

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