One question we get frequently is “how are the people on Credo selected?” In the interest of complete transparency, these are the requirements in place to keep quality high:

  • Every pro submits two clients they have worked on and a project description. Credo follows up with both clients to ask them more questions about working with the pro;
  • Credo uses tools such as SEMrush and Moz Link Explorer to vet their work;
  • Credo accepts approximately 30% of providers who apply.

Credo purposefully does not accept everyone who applies to be listed within the public network. Our highest priority is keeping the quality of consultants and agencies listed as high as possible. We continue to hold Credo pros to the highest standards, and should their reviews fall below a certain threshold they will be removed from the platform.

We take the quality of Credo pros very seriously and want Credo to be the place where businesses can come and have our team help you figure out exactly what you need, exactly who is good and at what disciplines, and be confident that you are making the right choice. We have a long ways to go to make this vision a full reality, but we’re started and working towards it every day.

Within the Credo network you will see a “Preferred” annotation on some profiles. These are the partners to whom we introduce clients who contact Credo directly looking for introductions to the right providers for their specific needs. They have been vetted to a deeper level than others in the network, specifically through a phone call to talk about their business setup, ideal clients, specialties, and sales process. They are our trusted partners who have been invited to be a part of the Preferred network.

John – Credo Founder


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