How does Credo work?

We take a high touch approach to helping you hire the right marketing provider for your business’s goals and needs.


  • discuss your project with you via an introductory phone call,
  • create a project scope together,
  • match you with providers from our network who meet your qualifications, and then
  • work with you along the way to help you hire a firm you are excited about.

You can read the full processĀ here.

Who manages my relationship with who I hire through Credo?

When you hire a Credo Pro, you work directly with them to achieve your goals. Credo does not manage client and pro relationships.

How much does Credo cost a business looking to hire?

It currently costs you nothing beyond what you pay your pro to hire through Credo.

Credo is a marketplace and our business model is based on commissions from what you pay your pro.

Network questions

So, are you an Upwork competitor?

Not really. Upwork exists to list any freelancer who wants to sign up and there is no quality control. You’re forced to wade through a lot of “applications” for your project, which makes it very hard and time consuming to pick.

We hand-select two pros for you to begin conversations with once your project has been discussed with our team, and we only list senior consultants and experienced agencies who have proven that they do great work and have experience with what you specifically need.

How are providers on Credo vetted?

All providers on Credo have been through a vetting process that involves the following steps:

  • Culture call to assess professionalism, fit, and demeanor;
  • Application and review of work quality and professionalism;
  • Recommendation from at least one verified client.

Read about the full process here.

How matching works

How are businesses matched with providers?

We match every client (looking to hire) with marketing providers within the Credo network who:

  1. Specialize in the kind of work you need
  2. For the kind of business that you are, and
  3. Who work with the level of budget you have.

Matching is done manually by a Credo hiring specialist based off what we know about your project. The matched pro is asked to review your information and only accept if they believe they can drive great results for your business within the boundaries of your project.

Can you match me with a marketing company in my local area?

We believe that great work can happen from anywhere, and restricting your search to a specific location often does not make sense. If the right provider is located in your area and you prefer someone local, we will happily introduce you to them as long as they also agree to the introduction.

Payment FAQs

How do I pay my pro through Credo?

Once you agree to work with a Credo pro, you fund the project in escrow before work begins. If you’re commissioning an audit, you are invoiced the full amount up front.

If you’re signing a retainer contract, then you fund each month before it begins.

We accept ACH for no fee, and credit cards and invoices for a fee currently.

Once your work is delivered, we’ll pay your pro on your behalf.

Who is a good fit to hire through Credo?

Generally, we are only able to help companies who are spending at least $1,500 per month on marketing, and minimums vary depending on the type of working you are looking for:

  • SEO projects typically require a minimum of $1,500 for an audit, but ongoing content and link building will usually require at least $2,000+ to be effective;
  • PPC and advertising projects typically require a minimum $4,000 for month in advertising spend, outside of agency/consultant management fees.

We know that great marketing costs money, so we work with you to make sure expectations are set both ways. This is also why we only list expert agencies and senior consultants, not solo freelancers just beginning their career, because our network can move your business forward instead of requiring a lot of effort from your end to make up for shortcomings.

Contracts and terms

What are the terms of an arrangement with a Credo pro?

Every contract has the same base terms, though pros may ask for other terms as well that you can agree to or not.

Every project has a minimum 30 day cancellation notice, indemnification and mutual NDAs on all sides, and guarantees that you will be delivered the work you were promised or else your funded money is returned to you.

Who am I actually signing a contract with?

When you sign a contract through Credo with a network pro, the following arrangements happen:

  1. You agree to pay the pro the agreed amount as long as they deliver;
  2. Credo agrees to facilitate the transaction and provide the platform for work being delivered;
  3. The pro agrees to deliver the work they sold you.

Questions about Credo

What’s Credo’s backstory?

Credo began in 2013 to solve the problem we found of marketers at businesses not knowing who was best to hire for the engagement they needed. Our founder, John, came across quite a few friends and colleagues who had hired an agency who at best did not move their traffic and business forward, and at worst the client was worse off than before working with the marketing company.

Credo’s goal is to help great businesses hire great vetted digital marketing providers who are professional and do industry-leading work that gets industry-leading results.

Who’s behind Credo?

Credo is run by a team mostly based out of Denver Colorado. Our founder John is a veteran SEO specialist and former in-house head of marketing for a few rentals brands in the Zillow Group portfolio of brands.

You can see our current team here.

How does Credo make money?

Credo is paid retainer fees and commissions from the listed marketing providers who have been vetted and approved to join the Credo network.