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What happens when a side project takes off, with Josh Pigford (@shpigford) of Baremetrics

Posted by on February 15, 2018 in CredoCast, Entrepreneurship, Growth | 0 comments

Josh Pigford is the CEO and founder of Baremetrics, which they say is “Metrics, forecasting and engagement tools for teams using Stripe, Braintree, Chargify and Recurly.” They help SaaS and subscription businesses have clarity into their subscriptions, revenue, churn and more.

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Should you use live chat on your website?

Posted by on February 13, 2018 in Sales | 0 comments

Live chat is all the rage these days on websites. I used it on Credo for a number of months and decided to remove it completely from the site. But I think live chat is a valid solution to a valid problem for the right companies.

Let me tell you why.

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Do “beginners guides” make sense for your business?

Posted by on February 8, 2018 in CredoCast, Marketing Strategies, SEO | 0 comments

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A little bit of a different video for you today. One topic I have become very interested in, because it’s something I’ve been working through at Credo, is making sure you are producing the right content for your audience. I know it’s Marketing 101, but sometimes it takes time to figure out who you best serve and then double down on them.

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15 SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategies to Scale Your Business

Posted by on February 6, 2018 in Marketing Strategies | 0 comments

As a SaaS company, you need to generate audience in order to get new customers and scale your business. There are both active and passive ways to do this, but of course the passive ways take active energy to set up and then maintain. Nothing in life is free, and that is especially true in marketing.

This is why marketing is so hard, and you need to think of it like any other part of your business such as building your product, doing sales and customer support, looking at finances, and the myriad of other departments and areas that are ongoing in your business.

In this 5,000+ word post/guide, we look at the popular SaaS marketing strategies across the different channels that are proven to work.

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The main hustle is the side hustle, with Nick Loper (@nloper)

Posted by on February 1, 2018 in CredoCast, Entrepreneurship | 0 comments

Nick Loper is the founder of Side Hustle Nation. He started the site because he was starting side hustle businesses which grew into full time income. He actually started side hustles on the side of his main hustles, and then the side hustles became the main hustle.

Meta, right?

Nick and I actually first got connected because I came across one of his current side hustles and I emailed him. Then we met in person in Boulder and have continued the friendship from there.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • His background and his start working at Ford;
  • How he got his first business going by using outsourced developers;
  • Why side hustles aren’t necessarily websites;
  • How to launch a side hustle in current days;
  • What the fastest ways to get started are;
  • Why you don’t have to have a lot of capital upfront to start;
  • How to take your hustle to the next level, even full time;
  • Why freelance -> agency -> product is a viable path (though it is hard);
  • Hiring remote workers is hard;
  • Strategies for giving a side hustle a chance to get off the ground.

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SEO Strategies that actually work for SaaS companies

Posted by on January 30, 2018 in Marketing Strategies | 1 comment

If you’ve arrived on this post, hopefully you’re tired of the “SaaS SEO tips” posts you’ve read time and time again that fail to deliver anything of substance. Hopefully you are as tired of them as I am. As someone once said, “Tips are like diet food – you’ll always be left hungry and grumpy.”

Instead of talking about “X tips to grow your traffic by veryspecificpercent% this year”, let’s instead talk about some SaaS SEO strategies that, when applied over time, will give you incredible leverage off of which to continue building your company.

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How Britney Muller deindexed 75% of’s site and saw success

Posted by on January 25, 2018 in Business, CredoCast, Growth, SEO | Comments Off on How Britney Muller deindexed 75% of’s site and saw success

Britney Muller is the SEO and Content Architect at Moz. She’s recently moved from Denver, my town, to Seattle to work in Moz’s main office. At MozCon 2017, she gave an incredible case study about what she did on Moz to see movement forward of Moz’s organic traffic.

In this video you’ll learn:

  1. How she identified tens of thousands of low quality profiles, and why she noindexed them;
  2. The results she saw from this;
  3. What she’s learned from trying to lose featured snippets in Google’s search results;
  4. Why she recommends noindexing pages instead of using robots.txt.
  5. How title tag changes killed conversion rates, and what she learned about broad vs specific.

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Build a business to suit your life, not your life to suit your business with Aleyda Solis

Posted by on January 18, 2018 in Business, Consulting Strategies, CredoCast, Entrepreneurship | Comments Off on Build a business to suit your life, not your life to suit your business with Aleyda Solis

Aleyda Solis is one of my favorite people in the digital marketing world. She’s whip smart, has a ton of hustle, is always doing interesting things and sharing the learnings with others, and she’s super fun to hang out with (I’ve had hangovers for days after hanging out with her).

She’s also an incredible marketer and entrepreneur, and over the last few years has built a business that she loves running from wherever she happens to be in the world.

I did this call as I was in Alaska and she was in Madrid, so the video is a bit wonky but the material is amazing.

In this video, you’re going to learn:

  1. Why Aleyda hasn’t built a digital agency, and what she’s focusing on instead;
  2. How she thinks about starting a company – lifestyle first or business first? and;
  3. Why hiring people fulltime doesn’t make sense to Aleyda (or me).


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Three things I changed at Credo that have helped us generate better leads

Posted by on January 17, 2018 in Business, Marketing Strategies | Comments Off on Three things I changed at Credo that have helped us generate better leads

Something I get asked a lot is how Credo generates projects, or “leads” as people like to call them. I prefer to call them projects because they’re more than a traditional lead which can mean anything. A “lead” in the digital marketing world can be anything from an email address to a full scope from someone who is ready to buy right now.

I talk about projects because we’re a business that makes its revenue off referrals. We generate the audience to attract businesses who are looking to take their traffic and therefore revenue to the next level, and then refer them out to the right agencies or consultants for that specific project based off of their needs, budget, internal team, and a lot more.

When we think about lead generation as marketers, most think of volume. I bet if you asked a lot of business owners (especially service businesses) what their biggest need is around leads, it would be “we need more!”. Everyone always needs more needs, or so they think.

I’m not going to tell you in this post how to determine which leads you should go after more of. To be honest, most of you who run services businesses would be well served to do it and to then message towards those specific customers, both on your website and in your marketing whether that is content or advertising. Simply knowing your minimum budget isn’t enough. You need to go deeper into the demographics, revenue, type of business, internal team, and more to truly understand your potential customer so that you generate better leads for your business that have a higher chance of closing.

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SEO and Growth at scale with Martijn Scheijbeler of Postmates

Posted by on January 11, 2018 in CredoCast, SEO | Comments Off on SEO and Growth at scale with Martijn Scheijbeler of Postmates

Martijn Scheijbeler is the head of SEO at Postmates, one of the fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley. Before that, he was head of growth at The Next Web based in Amsterdam. In this video, we talk about the challenges and opportunities of doing SEO/growth for high growth companies and well known brands. I hope you find it as fascinating as I did!

Quick note: my video did some weird things and so you’ll only see Martijn’s face and not split screen like usual. The audio is fine!

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