These are the companies that Credo has partnered with and recommends depending on your needs.


MemberDev is a Denver-based custom WordPress membership website development company. Owned by our friend Ali, if you are looking to have a custom membership site built then MemberDev is your company.

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If you run a business built on WordPress, you might need ongoing support for updates and changes needed to your website. We’ve partnered with Maintaingo who offer this as a monthly service starting at $49/mo. Get in touch with them today!

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FreeeUp is a trusted freelancer marketplace. If you can’t find the right freelancer on Credo, then we trust FreeeUp to find you one.

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ClearVoice is a content marketing platform that allows your content marketing manager to tap into their network of subject-matter experts and have high quality content produced for your website.

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If you run an ecommerce company on Shopify and want to improve your conversions, there is no better software than CartHook. They help you optimize your funnel, save bounced and abandoned carts, and make you more money.

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