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Digital Marketing Agency Pricing Survey from Credo (updated 2019)

This digital marketing pricing survey is comprised of 271 respondents from around the world.

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The busy executive’s guide to hiring a digital marketing agency

Learn how to hire the right provider for your business, put together from our decade+ of digital experience

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Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Inbound Marketing

Generate more traffic and revenue for your ecommerce business

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How SEO Actually Works

This downloadable PDF shows 9 case studies from digital marketing/SEO experts on what they did specifically to grow their client.

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How to hire an SEO

We built out a resource site to help businesses get a better idea about how to hire the right SEO, as well as a tool/calculator to help them price a technical SEO audit.

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Hourly Rate Calculator

Choosing your hourly rate is hard. Figure it out mathematically with our handy dandy freelancer hourly rate calculator!

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SEO Calculator

Looking to figure out how much you should pay for a market rate SEO consultant or agency? Use our handy SEO calculator, put together with data from over 2,000 projects on Credo.

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