How Credo Works

Credo is a marketplace where you:

  1. connect with the pre-vetted firms from our exclusive network based on your needs, budget, and industry;
  2. hire the best pro for your unique needs via our proprietary software;
  3. work well with your new pro to see growth in your business.

Basically, use Credo to get great marketing work done and the results you’re looking for.

Created by marketers and service business owners, Credo’s served thousands of businesses since 2015 by connecting them with great pre-vetted marketing providers and facilitating great work being delivered via our delivery platform.

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"We contacted Credo and after a 30 minute discussion where they asked deeper questions to clarify our needs and current setup (including other agencies we already work with), they introduced us to two agencies who ended up being a perfect fit for us."
Steve Lawrence

Streamlined hiring and project delivery

Connect, hire, pay, and receive work from great pros on the Credo Platform. Everything is centralized in the Credo Platform and protected by industry-leading guarantees.

Never ask “Where’s that report?” or “Did we pay that invoice?” ever again.

Create your project

Set up your project on Credo describing your company, needs, goals, and more.

Get started

Project creation
Matching process

Get matched

Get matched within about a business day on average with two qualified pros from the Credo network.

If you have questions about the process, schedule a call with the Credo team.

Get to know your matches

Schedule calls using our Acuity integration and message your matches via Credo. Get to know them and their capabilities and how they map to your needs. If a pro isn’t a good fit, simply dismiss them from your project and request another match.

Schedule calls
Review proposals

Receive proposals

Receive proposals from your matches, with clarity into pricing and scope of the project.

Request revisions or schedule review calls as desired until you arrive at an agreed-upon scope of the engagement.

Accept and fund your project

Once the proposal is agreed upon with your pro, click accept and your project will be set up on Credo. Easily and quickly fund your project via ACH, credit card, or invoice. If you need the invoice sent to a billing department, you can do that too.

Project funding

Centralized deliverables and reports

Every deliverable and retainer contains due dates and required reporting, all centralized within the Credo Platform so you never wonder where it is.

FAQs & details

What does Credo cost?

Credo makes a commission on all work being completed through our platform, but we only get paid when you are happy and your pro delivers on time. There is no additional fee charged to clients who hire through Credo.

Who's in Credo's network?

Credo's network includes digital marketing agencies and consultants who are experts at what they do and who they do it for.

We're digital marketing experts ourselves and started Credo in 2013 to help great businesses do a better job hiring and executing on marketing strategies. We've helped thousands of businesses since then, so let us put our expertise to work for you.

How does Credo's "reserve" system work?

Our Reserve system (often called an escrow system) is built with Stripe and specifically engineered to help you pay your marketing pro through Credo. You fund your project (or monthly retainer) when it starts, then your pro is paid automatically by Credo once the work is completed.

How does Credo determine who the right pro is for my project?

With six years in business and over $65,000,000 in projects under our belt, we know how to make the right matches for your needs. We base matches off your marketing channel needs, your industry, your business model, your budget, and more. Every match is hand-selected by our team of experts.

What is the difference between Credo and Upwork?

Credo is a fundamentally different type of company. Instead of listing anyone in the world who wants to offer marketing services, Credo has a vetted network of pros who we work with closely to make sure they deliver industry-best results for their clients.

Do I still have to interview firms within Credo?

Yes. After we match you with two pros from our network, you schedule interview calls with them. We believe fundamentally that you should know and trust the person doing your work. Each pro sends you their proposal through Credo and you accept it there.

How is Credo involved after I sign a project?

Once you sign the project, Credo's delivery platform technology takes over and acts as the conduit for paying your pro and receiving work. Communication with your pro is directly between you and them; Credo is not an account management middle layer nor do we review deliverables before they are sent to you.

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Contact Credo

Fill out your inquiry, then create your project and account. Schedule a call or be matched to the right firms for your project.

Get started

Decide and hire

Get to know your matches through scheduled phone calls, then receive proposals from and ultimately hire the right firm through Credo.

Accomplish your goals

Whether your need is an audit or ongoing marketing work, Credo facilitates working with your pro, including receiving deliverables on time and monthly reporting.

Getting started

Once your project and account are created, we review your project to ensure we can help you. Once accepted, we match you with the right firms and walk you through the process of finding the right firm.

Once you decide who to hire, fund your project on Credo via ACH, credit card, or request an invoice. Once your project is funded, your pro will get to work!

What you get

When you start a project with Credo, we go to work for you to help you hire and see success. You get:

  • Access to our 10 years of marketing and hiring experience;
  • Handpicked matches from our pre-vetted network;
  • Guidance and consulting as you go through the hiring process;
  • Protections and guarantees around project delivery and payment.

I'm ready to get started