How Credo Works

Hire your new agency 68% faster than on your own with custom introductions to pre-vetted digital marketing providers.

Credo helps businesses looking for digital marketing help connect with hand-picked and pre-vetted firms from our exclusive network of digital marketing providers.

Credo expedites your process of finding the right digital marketing agency. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Tell us your marketing needs and schedule a free Marketing Evaluation call;
  2. Receive introductions to and be scheduled with qualified pros from our exclusive network who fit your marketing needs, vertical, and more;
  3. Hire the firm of your choice to help your business grow!

Basically, use Credo to get introduced quickly to the right firms so you can focus on hiring instead of searching and contacting agencies on your own. We help you focus your search on those who matter.

Created by SEO and growth veteran John Doherty in 2013 and now a team based mostly in Denver Colorado, Credo has helped thousands of businesses connect with great digital marketing firms. We can do the same for you.

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"We contacted Credo and after a 30 minute discussion where they asked deeper questions to clarify our needs and current setup (including other agencies we already work with), they introduced us to qualified agencies who ended up being a perfect fit for us. In fact, we hired two!"
Steve Lawrence of John Moore Services
Steve Lawrence

Stop asking your aunt who she'd hire.

Credo exists to connect you quickly with great pre-vetted firms so you can focus on hiring, not vetting. All Credo pros have passed our 28-point vetting process.

Hire confidently with transparent views into their firm, capabilities, case studies, and more.

Submit your inquiry

Tell us what you're looking for, then schedule a call with Credo's in-house team of matching specialists to discuss your needs.

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Project creation
Matching process

Discuss your project and needs

Have an introductory call with our in-house team of matching specialists to discuss your needs.

This free call helps us get to know you and your goals better so we can match you with the right marketing providers from the network.

If your marketing budget is below $2,500 per month, you'll be directed through our automated onboarding process.

Get matched and scheduled

Once your project is qualified, our team will enter it into our system and bring the qualified pros onto your project.

We'll then schedule you on their calendars at times you give us when you are available.

Need to reschedule? You can easily do that within Credo as well.

Schedule calls
Review proposals

Get to know your matches

Log into Credo to view their profiles, then all you have to do is show up the introduction call.

We recommend asking these questions on your introduction call with each match.

You can also message with each agency directly in Credo.

Hire with confidence

Discuss pricing and contracts directly with the firms, then decide who to hire.

Sign your contract and work directly with your new firm. Credo is not involved at all.

There's no obligation to hire a Credo agency, but we think you'll find that they are the most qualified for your project.

Leave a review

After you've worked with your firm for a while, we'd love a review of them on their Credo profile so other potential clients can hear your take on working with them directly.

Hire your new agency 68% faster

Our processs helps the average business hire the right agency 16.5 hours faster.

On your own With Credo
Research into agencies Doing it yourself 10 hours With Credo 20 minutes
Discovery/Vetting calls Doing it yourself5 hours With Credo1.5 hours
Stratgy calls Doing it yourself5 hours With Credo3 hours
Proposal calls Doing it yourself4 hours With Credo3 hours
How you feel after hiring Doing it yourself Exhausted With Credo Excited

FAQs & details

What does Credo cost?

Clients hiring through Credo pay us nothing. We are compensated by the pros within the network once they have passed our 28-point vetting process.

Who's in Credo's network?

Credo's network includes digital marketing agencies and consultants who are experts at what they do and who they do it for.

We're digital marketing experts ourselves and started Credo in 2013 to help great businesses do a better job hiring and executing on marketing strategies. We've helped thousands of businesses since then, so let us put our expertise to work for you.

How does Credo determine who the right pro is for my project?

With seven years in business and over $125,000,000 in projects coming through our systems, we know how to make the right matches for your needs. We base matches off your marketing channel needs, your industry, your business model, your budget, and more. Every match is hand-selected by our team of experts.

What is the difference between Credo and Upwork?

Credo is a fundamentally different type of company. Instead of listing anyone in the world who wants to offer marketing services, Credo has a vetted network of pros who we work with closely to make sure they deliver industry-best results for their clients.

Do I still have to interview firms within Credo?

Yes. After we match you with two pros from our network, you schedule interview calls with them. We believe fundamentally that you should know and trust the person doing your work. Ultimately, the decision on who to hire is yours.

How is Credo involved after I sign a project?

No. Once you decide on the firm to hire, you sign contracts with them directly and pay them directly for their work. Credo is not involved, though we would appreciate honest reviews on your firm's Credo profile once you've worked with them for a while!

So, what does Credo cost?

Credo is free to clients looking to hire a marketing firm. We do offer a few paid consulting options about your marketing or hiring strategy which can be found here.

I'm ready to get started

Contact Credo

Fill out your inquiry, then schedule a call with our team.

If your marketing budget is below $2,500 per month you will be taken through our automated onboarding process.

Get started

Decide and hire

Get to know your matches through scheduled phone calls, then decide who to hire directly. Pros will send you proposals and contracts directly, not through Credo.

Accomplish your goals

Whether your need is an audit or ongoing marketing work, Credo's network is vetted to the highest level in the industry and will help you achieve your marketing and business goals.

Getting started

Once we discuss your project and verify we can help you, we'll create your project in Credo and set you up with an account.

Then we go to work for you to match you with the right firms and scheduling you on their calendars for introductory calls.

Once you decide who to hire, sign contracts and pay your firm(s) directly.

What you get

When you start a project with Credo, we introduce you quickly to great firms backed by our:

  • 15+ years of marketing and hiring experience;
  • 28-point vetting process for all network pros;
  • Guidance via our free content as you are hiring.

I'm ready to get started