How Credo Works

How Credo Works

Credo connects great businesses to reputable and vetted online marketing providers according to the project and business’s unique needs.

But we are not an agency. Every digital marketing project and business are different, so we take the time learn about your project so we can introduce you to the right providers and help you make the right decision about who to hire.

Finding the right marketing provider for your business through Credo is like having your best friend take you Christmas shopping. We get your needs, understand your budget, and will guide you to exactly the right place with a personal touch.

When you submit your information to Credo, it is not displayed publicly anywhere. We follow up to schedule a phone call to discuss and take you through the process outlined below.

Our Process

Create your project on Credo and tell us what services you need, your monthly marketing budget, and your information where we can contact you.

We follow up to schedule a phone call with you, if your needs are what we are best at matching (SEO, content, PPC, digital advertising), so we can learn more and make the right introductions.

We create an 8-10 sentence description of your project based off our phone conversation. You approve it via email.

Credo reaches out to providers within the network who are the best fit for your project. When they accept, we introduce you to them via email.

Have phone conversations with each of the agencies to whom we introduce you to go deeper on your project and get proposals if the match is a good fit.

Have a follow up phone call with Credo to review the proposed projects and be prepared with additional questions to ask the agencies you need before signing a contract.

Hire your new marketing provider with confidence. You sign a contract directly with the agency, and Credo checks in over time to make sure things are going well.

Why is a phone call required?

Over our years of digital marketing consulting experience, we’ve found that putting together the right project from the beginning is paramount to its success. The best consulting projects have great communication, so being able to explain your needs well on the phone is important.

Quite simply, email takes too long to learn about your needs and written communication is always less clear than verbal, so a phone call is required for to make sure that we are recommending the right solution to your project.

We discuss your needs with you before determining the right next steps. If you’re ready to work with an outside marketing provider, then we make the right connections to a few agencies or consultants, depending on your needs. If you need help determining your opportunity around search or creating a hiring strategy for getting marketing done, then we have specific offerings at Credo to tell you about.

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How does Credo make money?

Credo makes money from subscriptions and commissions paid by marketing agencies. We also can be compensated to consult with you on your marketing and hiring strategies to make sure you make the right decision.

But remember, Credo does not list anyone and everyone. We vet every marketing provider on Credo by, at minimum, seeing two of their clients and verifying their metrics. Every pro (consultant and agency) must:

– Show and allow us to contact two of their clients;

– Be located in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, or Australia (along with a few Western European countries)

Some agencies on Credo have also been phone interviewed and are our Preferred partners to whom we will be introducing you. These are the agencies who have Phone and Email Verified listed on their profile page.

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