Credo Team

Credo Team

John Doherty

John Doherty is the founder of Credo. With 10 years of digital marketing experience and a desire to help businesses hire the right company, he happily steers the Credo ship.

John is based in Denver.

Rick Fernicola

Rick Fernicola is Credo’s business development team. Coming from his own entrepreneurial background, Rick is your first point of contact.

Rick is based in Denver.

Jess Draper – Executive Admin

Jessica keeps Credo operational systems running and is often the initial point of contact at Credo. She’s worked across startups and marketing for years, and has also studied UI/UX design professionally.

Jess is based in Denver.


Butterbean is our Chief Bark(et)ing Officer. His duties vary, though he mostly does security (those squirrels outside are dangerous).

He lives with John in Denver.