Benefits of hiring through Credo

When you hire a new firm through Credo, you’re not just hiring a new firm.

You’re part of a larger movement to bring transparency to the marketing industry, clean up an industry full of bad actors, and actually drive business results.

Started in 2013 by industry veteran John Doherty, the Credo network has been trusted by over 4,000 companies in their journey to hiring.

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Credo vs on your own

Credo On your own
Average time to hire 6 weeks6 weeks 2-4 months2-4 months
Protected payments Yes No
Arbitration Yes No
Centralized payments Yes Maybe
Transparency Yes Maybe

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Here's what all of the above means.
Average time to hire

Hiring an agency in the past has meant weeks or even months of endless Googling and browsing of badly designed agency websites with generic messaging, then contacting them via a contact form and hoping to hear back. Then you sign with them and hope they can deliver.

With Credo, we collapse that time to hire to an average of 6 weeks because the Credo system keeps you focused on communicating, collaborating, and arriving at a deal.

Protected payments

When you hire an agency outside Credo, you hope they’re going to deliver. Sometimes they’ll ask for money upfront, and you’ll pay it while saying “Well, worst that happens is we just wasted a few thousand dollars.”

I don’t know about you, but a few thousand dollars matters.

With Credo, this doesn’t happen. We ask you to fund your project upfront into escrow, but then your pro doesn’t get paid until they do everything they said they would do and report to you through Credo.


When you work with an agency outside of Credo, you’re dealing with headaches around delivery and non-delivery. And even if they don’t deliver, they still want to get paid and keep sending you invoices.

That’s not how it works with Credo. While we’re not a project management solution (you receive reporting through Credo), we can guarantee that if they don’t deliver everything that they said they would then you can request arbitration and we’ll get involved. We’ll collect information on both sides and make a fair determination for both sides.


When you work with an agency outside of Credo, there are all sorts of crazy terms. Sometimes they ask for money upfront, sometimes it’s at the end. Sometimes you don’t know when they’ll report or what’s due to be delivered.

That’s not how it works on Credo. When you sign a project and work with a pro through Credo, you can see all of the months (or deliverables) on the project as well as what they cost and when reporting or deliverable delivery is set to happen.

What is Credo?

Credo helps companies hire and get work delivered by pre-vetted marketing agencies and expert consultants. Work is signed through the Credo marketplace and delivered through the Delivery Platform.

Real pros

All pros on Credo are pre-vetted before they are included in the network and are continuously vetted as they deliver work. 95% are US-based and the rest in Canada and the UK..

Transparent terms

There's no need to negoatiate terms with your agency, because we've built terms that are fair to everyone.


Pay your pro(s) through the Credo escrow system and enjoy delivery and arbitration guarantees that no one else can offer.

"When I was tasked with hiring someone to help with our marketing, I turned to Credo. They introduced us to two vetted pros who specialized in what we need. Credo saved us a lot of time and money by getting us the right pros the first time."
Kristan Brown


Here are the most commonly asked questions about Credo.

What does Credo cost?

Let's get the most common question out of the way first. Credo is a marketplace that receives a percentage of the project's fees.

How involved is Credo after a project and contract are signed?

Once the project is closed, Credo's delivery platform takes over. The Credo Platform invoices you monthly and pays out to pros once work is completed. Audits and monthly reports are delivered through Credo. If arbitration is needed, we're here to step in.

How many firms are in the Credo Pro network?

We do not disclose how many firms are currently within the Credo Pro network as the number is always changing. Each client looking to hire is initially manually matched with 1-2 pros, and more matches can happen if desired.

How many clients does Credo get per month?

Since July 2018, we have averaged over $2,000,000 in project work generated each month across SEO, PPC, Facebook, and content marketing channels. We purposefully only work with clients with at least $1,500 per month in marketing spend, and often require more if help is needed with paid acquisition.

How does Credo match clients with the network?

We take a high touch approach to matching clients with the right pros, and pros with the right clients. We match based on the services needed, the company type, available marketing budget, and more.

Can I sign with a non-Credo agency and work with them through Credo?

Not yet, but we're working on it!

Why clients hire through Credo

Credo's helped 4,000+ companies since 2015, and we're just getting started.

Use Credo to find, hire, and work with the right digital marketing firm for your needs. We've done the work upfront to make sure that our network is best in the world at what they do, and we've built systems to make sure the network continues to deliver so that you can be confident that once a project is signed, you'll be happy.

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