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The Credo vetting process


A company can be polished and professional and still not deliver great results, so we specifically ask each network applicant about their clients and results they have driven.

We ask every applicant for:

  • Two projects for each marketing channel they offer
  • Description of the work they did and results they achieved
  • Client contact information so Credo can contact the client and ask for a recommendation
  • Analytics or other corroborating evidence of work done well


Quality of work delivered is extremely important to us and extremely important to you.

Our professional vetting involves the following:

  • Review of two deliverables sent to clients
  • Review of applicant's website to see professional design, clarity of writing and thinking, and more
  • Review of other profiles, such as LinkedIn and social media


Every network applicant must also pass our culture screening to make sure they're aligned with our standards.

This involves a 30 minute call covering:

  • Their professionalism on the phone
  • Promptness to the call
  • Clarity of thinking and speech in delivery
  • How their agency delivers work

Travel Digital Marketing Companies

All Travel Digital Marketing Companies on Credo have passed our initial three step and 28-point vetting process before joining, and are continuously vetted via client feedback. When you speak with the Travel Digital Marketing Companies in our network, you can trust they're the best we can find.

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The industry trusts Credo

" is one of the few trustworthy places to find a good SEO."
Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin

"After working with a number of clients who had been burned by illicit consultants, industry veteran John Doherty was inspired to create [a company] that would help companies find reputable search marketing and SEO professionals."
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Marketing Land
"I don't know of anyone who puts as much care and attention into properly vetting and matching SEO projects with vendors than Credo."
Tom Critchlow
Tom Critchclow

How to hire Travel companies

Hire agency with channel experience

Find agencies who have experience with the channel and your type of business

Prioritize agencies who have experience with the channel or channels you need help with. If you have multiple needs, we recommend prioritizing a full service firm who can do all channels as opposed to hiring individual agencies or contractors for each channel. This will reduce the number of providers you have to contact as well as the management overhead once they are hired.

Note - at Credo we match you with providers from our network who both fit your marketing channel needs and have experience with your type of business (SaaS, Ecommerce, etc). Where possible, we also match you with providers who have experience in your industry.

Agency discovery calls

Conduct discovery calls with all and strategy calls with a few

We recommend speaking with multiple agencies to verify that they have the experience you require and that you like speaking with them. Culture fit between you and your agency is the unspoken factor we find that determines if an engagement will be successful. We then recommend that you conduct longer strategy sessions (about an hour) with 2-4 agencies to dive deeper on your needs with their team.

Note - Credo schedules the initial discovery calls for you with agencies from our network.

Agency project proposals

Receive proposals and negotiate

Once you’ve gone deeper with 2-4 agencies, ask for proposals that you can review that include scope, timeline, cost, and terms. We recommend that you use our Agency Reviewer resource to make it easier. Some agencies may have a separate contract with terms and conditions, which is fine.

Once you receive proposals, you can negotiate back with agencies. The most common things to negotiate back on are scope and timeline. If ideal budget is above your ability to pay, see if you can reduce the scope to get the project within budget while understanding the tradeoffs.

Work with digital agency

Commit to one for a period of time

Finally, make a decision about who to work with and commit for a period of time that is long enough to know if you’re able to get results but not so long that it traps you into something that isn’t working. We recommend that you agree to at minimum a 3 month contract, and ideally a 6 month contract with a three month out.

Make sure healthy expectations are set and your agency fully understands your objectives. The best results are created when you have alignment with your agency around your business goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's in Credo's network?
Credo's network includes pre-vetted digital marketing agencies and consultants with digital marketing expertise specific to your business needs. From SEO to Amazon marketing services, SaaS to the healthcare industry, to any B2B, enterprise, or B2C business, we match you with the right marketing partner for your business. Since 2013, we have helped over 6,500 businesses streamline their hiring process and execute marketing strategies. We put in the work to help you get back to what matters most - your business.
How does Credo determine who the right Pro is for my project?
We've matched over $125,000,000 in projects to agencies and have over a decade of experience as marketers ourselves. We know how to identify the right match for your needs based on our proprietary matching algorithm as well as a review of your marketing channel needs, your industry, your business model, your budget, and more. The entire process is 100% free of charge.
What is the difference between Credo and Upwork/Fiverr/etc?
Credo is a fundamentally different type of marketing matchmaking company. Instead of listing any marketing company or consultant who wants to offer marketing services, we offer a strictly vetted network of agencies that we know can deliver industry-best results to clients like you.
Do I still have to interview firms within Credo?
Yes. After we match you with 2-3 digital agencies that match your needs, you are scheduled with them for initial calls. We believe that you should know and trust the marketing team doing your work. Ultimately, it is your decision who to hire.
How is Credo involved after I sign a project?
Once you decide on the firm to hire, you sign contracts with them directly and pay them directly for the work they do. We are not involved beyond this point, though we appreciate honest reviews on your firm's Credo profile if your marketing match is everything you have been looking for!

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While the online world is creating a multitude of opportunities for travel marketers, the level of competition makes it hard to stand out and attract attention. Anymore, simply having an online presence isn’t nearly enough, as only those that can effectively leverage their digital marketing efforts will see optimal results.

Many travel agents, bloggers, and agencies are seeking solutions to streamline their digital marketing efforts, yet are finding their inexperience and time availability to be hindering factors with their overall progress. Many are overcoming these challenges by partnering with a travel marketing agency or consultancy to fast-track their success. In an effort to help, let’s examine how to hire the right travel marketing company.

Digital Marketing and the Travel Industry

With $198 billion U.S. digital sales projected in 2018 (Social Media Today infographic), and $755.94 billion global digital sales projected in 2019 (Statista), the travel industry is alive and well both online and offline (over $8 trillion in total economic impact globally in 2017, Statista).

Furthermore, the rapid growth of digital travel sales will only accelerate in the future as online usage expands and tech-savvy younger generations travel more and more. The Social Media Today infographic explains more:

More than 140 million U.S. adults will research a trip online

…63% of travelers now turn to a search engine at some point during trip planning

…76% use a desktop computer to look for accommodations

…67% use a desktop computer to book accommodations

The growing trend for travel consumers to research and book online is causing these kinds of results:

61% of travel marketing spend is going to online channels

Indeed, now is the time for travel marketers to build and optimize their online presence; by finding the right travel marketing company to work with, they’ll have a great chance of gaining online traction and accelerating digital sales.

Travel Marketing Agency or Consultancy?

Finding the right travel marketing company to work with largely depends on the specific needs and goals of each travel business. For instance, do they want to completely outsource their digital marketing efforts, or simply augment their in-house efforts with outside expertise?

Understanding their needs and goals will help travel businesses decide whether to work with a travel marketing agency or a consultancy. An agency offers a more comprehensive service with multiple hands on deck, while a consultancy offers expert guidance at key points of strategic and operational development.

For example, an individual travel agent, working primarily through their travel website and blog, may find effective solutions working regularly with an expert consultancy, helping them understand what tools and tactics to use; on the other hand, a travel agency lacking a dedicated digital marketing team may want to hire an agency to comprehensively develop and execute their digital marketing strategy.

Many situations will fit somewhere in between these examples, yet finding the right partner always starts with accessing the specific needs and goals involved.

Tips for Hiring the Right Travel Marketing Company

Budget constraints and ROI are always a factor when it comes to partnering with a travel marketing company. Ultimately, travel businesses need to have assurance and confidence that their digital marketing budget will effectively generate results.

Finding the right partnership will make the difference when it comes to trusting the process and having a clear understanding of the strategy and tactics being used. Here are some key attributes to look for in a partner:

  • Vertical focus on the travel industry
  • Experience and expertise with specific digital marketing tactics
  • Convincing reviews and case studies
  • Effectively communicates through favorable channels
  • Has the operational capabilities needed (staff, tools, expertise)
  • Experience with travel business systems and platforms
  • Flexible service offerings
  • Experience and expertise with the specific travel industry segment involved
  • Ability to cohesively integrate with in-house efforts
  • Experience and expertise in reaching target audiences
  • Offers room for future growth
  • Digital marketing certifications and qualifications

While some travel businesses may want to completely hand over their digital marketing efforts, most will want to be involved in some capacity; additionally, some are starting from scratch while others already have a strategy and effort in place to build upon. Whatever the case may be, having a clear direction and approach will be beneficial.

In other words, travel businesses need to know what digital marketing strategy and tactics they want to focus on, as this will help them find the right travel marketing company to work with. Here are the main types of digital marketing strategies and tactics they can use:

Travel businesses can then drill down on the specific platforms, strategies, and tactics they want to focus on, such as Facebook Messenger chatbots, email marketing with affiliate links, mobile-optimized website, ad spend on Instagram, blog article syndication, etc.

While the specifics will vary, essentially, travel businesses will benefit by assessing their current capabilities and having clear digital marketing objectives in mind. This knowledge will help them find the right travel marketing company to work with, including for strategic development.


Efforts within the vast digital marketing landscape can be either an endless succession of profitable campaigns or an endless time-waster producing lackluster results. The difference depends on the ability of travel businesses to effectively leverage the power of digital marketing.

With limited resources, time, and expertise to develop, execute, and maintain effective digital marketing efforts, many travel businesses are turning to travel marketing companies for help. Whether they need the comprehensive help of an agency or the augmented help of a consultant, finding the right partner for their needs and goals is essential for optimal results.

By assessing their current capabilities and overall marking objectives, travel businesses will have the basis to find the right partnership to work with.

Choosing a travel marketing company that fits these needs and goals will bring clarity and confidence to the process and ultimately profitable results.

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