The Busy Executive’s Guide to Hiring an Agency

The Busy Executive’s Guide to Hiring an Agency

Hiring a good marketing agency is scary, time consuming, and can be very expensive.

Since September 2015 we have helped 1,500+ businesses get connected with great digital marketing agencies. And now, we are pulling back the doors and showing you exactly what we do to help find you the right provider.

More than that, we’ve learned what makes businesses successful. We’ve learned:

  • How to know if you should hire an outside marketing provider or not;
  • The team structures that work for different sizes of businesses;
  • The right questions to ask potential marketing providers to determine if they are actually good;
  • The reporting structures that set an engagement up for success;
  • The best way to discuss budgets with a potential agency.

We’ve learned all this and much more.

So download this 23 page ebook and learn from the mistakes of others.

Who I am

My name is John Doherty and I am the founder of, where we’ve seen over 1,300 businesses and $8,000,000 in marketing spend come through Credo since September 2015 looking for help getting connected with the right marketing provider for their needs. I live in Denver Colorado with my wife and our very large black labrador Butterbean.

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