SEO MBA – Executive Presence

This Course Costs $693 As Of July 18th, 2022

Designed for senior level SEO professionals who are working with senior stakeholders, whether working in-house or agency-side.

This course will help you get budget and buy-in for your work. Take the course and learn how to:

  • Create buy-in & budget for your work
  • Communicate effectively with senior stakeholders
  • Build a business case for your projects
  • Work cross-functionally to get things done


Intro and Welcome

Course Intro (4 min)

Part 1: Good SEO Strategy

1.1 Good Strategy (19 min)

1.2 Positioning Strategy (24 min)

Part 1 Resources

Assignment #1 - Good Strategy

Part 2: The Value of SEO

2.1 Business Models (26 min)

2.2 SEO to Revenue (16 min)

Part 2 Resources

Assignment #2 - The Value of SEO

Part 3: Investment Models

3.1 Models Scenarios Forecasts (16 min)

3.2 Ingredients of Models (13 min)

3.3 Example Models (19 min)

Part 3 Resources

Assignment #3 - Investment Model

SEO Investment Model Templates

Part 4: Effective Business Presentations

4.1 Structured Communication (15 min)

4.2 Effective Presentations (50 min)

4.3 Example Slides (19 min)

Part 4 Resources
Assignment #4 - Presentations
Full SEO Strategy Template

Part 5: Getting Things Done

5.1 Alignment (35 min)

5.2 Communication (18 min)

Part 5 Resources
Assignment #5 - Getting Things Done

Course Wrapup

Course Outro (2 min)

Creator: Tom Critchlow

Tom Critchlow has spent the last 15 years working in SEO and digital media. He opened up the Distilled NYC office in 2011, worked at Google for a few years and has run his own own consulting business since 2014. Tom has spent the last two years embedded inside some large organizations helping them restructure and build new SEO teams. He's help companies hire a VP SEO position and several senior SEO roles underneath. Tom now teaches SEOs and digital professionals how to get more buy-in from clients and be more effective in their consulting. Tom lives in Brooklyn NY with his partner and their kids.

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SEO MBA – Executive Presence

Designed for senior level SEO professionals who are working with senior stakeholders, whether working in-house or agency-side. This course will help you get budget and buy-in for your work. Take the course and learn how to: Create buy-in & budget for your work Communicate effectively with senior stakeholders Build a…

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