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Want to know how I did this with a client in literally 3.5 months?

There is a lot of noise in the SEO world about how SEO actually works. You’re given tactics and told to specific things, but how do you know those will move the needle for your business?

We put together a group of 9 case studies from 8 different agencies and consultants to show you what they did to move the needle on traffic through SEO.

The goal is to show you that effective SEO tactics vary depending on the site and its lifecycle stage, though some things remain the same:

  • Often basic SEO has been overlooked and doing basic onpage SEO and keyword targeting will grow your traffic to begin;
  • Fixing a website’s internal link architecture (which is also better for users) will often show more growth;
  • Building new links will often help increase traffic, but fixing onsite errors first will both show movement and help new links be more effective;
  • Sometimes you just need a fresh site of eyes on your site to see what you or your SEO has been overlooking because you’re too close to the site;
  • Hire an SEO when you do a platform migration to make sure it’s done correctly!

This is a living document and thus will be updated over time with new case studies.

John Doherty

My name is John Doherty and I am the founder of, where we’ve seen over 1,300 businesses and $8,000,000 in marketing spend come through Credo since September 2015 looking for help getting connected with the right marketing provider for their needs. I live in Denver Colorado with my wife and our very large black labrador Butterbean.

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