This job has been filled and this page left for legacy purposes.

Credo is looking for a part-time Executive Administrative Assistant. The right candidate will be:

  • Someone that can work super well with John and help juggle all the things happening in life from following up with clients, shipping gifts to clients, editing blog content and podcasts, paying invoices, and more.
  • A Jack (or Jill) of-all-trades who is thorough and enjoys making sure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted and is comfortable with being flexible and adjusting when priorities shift.

We’re looking for someone to be John’s right hand person who is interested in working together for a very long time.

We strongly believe in helping entrepreneurs and fighting for the underdog. The best candidate for this role isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty, listens to instructions and asks clarifying questions, and performs at their best when the way forward is unclear. The job duties will vary so it’s important the person likes doing new things and can take on and juggle a variety of different projects. The key focus of this role is helping to keep my business organized at my home office and my home.

This will start as an average of 5-10 hour per week, with an initial set of projects that will require more time to figure out some business processes, etc. I travel a lot so there will be a week or so per month where there’s only a few hours of work required.

I’m looking for someone who:

  • Has a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in a support or coordinator role.
  • Has a dependable car.
  • Ideally lives within 15 minutes of LoHi Denver, but remote (US timezones only) is considered.
  • Is tech savvy and understands the Mac environment (nothing advanced but you must know things like Microsoft Office, Google Docs, scheduling, email, ordering things online, etc.)
  • Is dependable. I’m talking about VERY dependable as I’m looking for my right hand person. Bonus points if you were that person in grade school that got the award for perfect attendance in every grade.
  • Doesn’t take things personally, have feelings hurt easily, or get offended at all. Stays objective, likes to use logic to make decisions, and can explain the logic when asked.
  • Is cool and relaxed but always working to get things done. It’s important that you like to take responsibility and ownership of your responsibilities and your main focus is always delivering results.
  • Is highly organized, detail-oriented, and serious about organization and cleanliness. You probably have done event planning, home organization, or bookkeeping because you’re good at logistics and details and you like to write lists and work from a running checklist at all times.
  • Knows how to prioritize and aims to be two steps ahead. You’re the person who almost always has a Plan B in the back of your mind, but more importantly you have a “can do” attitude about life.
  • Takes the initiative when you see an area for improvement. You might do a bit of quick research to back up your recommendation on how to make a process more efficient.
  • Enjoys working alone most of the time and with people some of the time. The work you’ll be doing is typically alone. If you’re the type of person who likes to interact with people and friends a lot this probably isn’t right for you. I’m often on sales or client calls in the mornings and deep into work or at a coffee shop in the afternoons.
  • Is available on Mondays and Thursdays and looking for something longterm.
  • If in the Denver area, must love big dogs. This is non-negotiable. I have a 100lb Labrador who is very friendly.

The job duties include:

  • Business logistics including picking up various things, shopping, picking up and dropping off mail shipments, etc (if remote, shipping them to me as needed).
  • Client follow up, invoice management and other various administrative/operational details of my business.
  • Organizing my email, scheduling appointments, booking travel plans, etc. This role requires someone who is incredibly organized.
  • Miscellaneous tasks as they come up.

How To Apply

Please send an email to with the subject EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT and include the following:

  • Your resume
  • Your hourly rate expectations
  • Your career history, with each job you’ve had, what the responsibilities were, who your boss was, and what each boss would say were your strengths and weaknesses
  • 3 References (at least two must be professional) with their name, how you know them, email, and phone number
  • Confirmation that you meet each of the requirements I’ve listed above, including time flexibility, availability on Monday and Thursday, etc.

If you are a good fit I will get back to you. The process will work like this:

  • I will ask you to do a quick 30 minute task that you should think of as a first interview.
  • If you pass that first task, I will ask you to do a different second task while I call two or three of your references. This second task will show me different skills and experience you have than the first.
  • Assuming you pass that with flying colors (and let’s be honest, you will) and your references speak incredibly highly of you (and let’s be honest, they will), we will have a phone call to discuss the position and get to know each other via phone.

If you make it through all of these, I will invite you to a month trial (paid of course) for us to work alongside each other and ensure that it is the right fit for both of us.

Job Type: Part-time

Compensation: $10.00 to $20.00 /hour