In late 2016 I was struggling in my business. It had grown from $3k/mo in March to $15k/mo in December, but I was working a ton and wasn’t sure how I was going to keep the wheels on the bus.

To be honest, we had major churn issues and I wasn’t sure I could make the business work.

I got lucky though and came across an online summit that inspired me, and I ended up finding a coach to work with who helped me get sanity back in my business, discover who I am as an entrepreneur and a professional, and who helped me grow the business substantially.

I now work with a different coach who has a very different skillset who has been through what I am and we are going through at Credo these days. It’s someone I’ve known for a long time who I respect the heck out of and learn from every single time we have a call.

And yes, I’ve spent over $70k on coaching in just over two years. The number doesn’t matter, but that shows you how invested I am in this both literally and figuratively.

In this episode I have a lot of advice for how to find a coach as well and what to look for when doing it.

Also, if you’re a service business owner I highly recommend Nick Eubanks’s new 7 Figure Agency course. The highest level is already sold out and the next level is getting full, so if you’re operating a small agency doing ok revenues but want to take it to the next level, I highly recommend his course. I’ve seen all the content, and I guarantee you he’ll help you grow.