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For a long time, people have asked me to help them hire full time people. Whether a full time SEO, PPC specialist, or director of marketing, hiring full time people is hard.

Also for a long time I’ve told people that Credo is not a full time recruiting service. We are still not a recruiting service, but today as of today Credo has a brand new Digital Marketing Jobs Board for full-time and part-time marketing jobs.

There is such a need out there to hire good marketers and Inbound has shut down (along with their job board), so there is a gap in the market that Credo can fill.


Important details

Credo currently has ~15,000 marketers and business owners coming to the site monthly. In 2017 we had 135k sessions on the site, up 156% from 2016. 2018 is up another 87% from the same time frame in 2017.

Here are some details on the jobs board:

  • $199 for a 60 day listing, with an option to highlight for $50
  • Every job is approved and your card is not charged (via Stripe) until the listing is approved and set live
  • You provide the link to where the applicant can apply

I have a special offer for you as well.

To celebrate the launch, until June 30th all job postings are 50% off! Use the code CREDOJOB50 at checkout to have that applied to your listing.

Here’s the link again to the Jobs board – https://www.getcredo.com/digital-jobs/

Who is the jobs board for?

The jobs board is for anyone who is looking to hire a full time, part time, or contract position at their company. It’s for both non-agency and agency businesses alike and focuses on the major digital marketing channels we help businesses hire agencies and consultants for, plus a few more.

You can post jobs for:

  • Full time jobs, which are usually in-house on location and provide benefits;
  • Contract, which are usually on location and do not provide benefits (and may be paid hourly);
  • Part time, which are usually on location and are paid hourly.

The jobs board is not replacing finding an agency or consultant through Credo.

Why a jobs board?

Over the last few years, we’ve spoken with 1,500+ businesses who are trying to grow.

The vast majority of these are in the position where hiring an agency or consultant is the right move, for many different reasons including no open headcount, needing a quicker turnaround than hiring a full time marketing team, and more.

But there are two other types I run into often:

  • The business has so much going on that in reality their best step is to hire someone full time. A consultant (usually remote) may be able to fill a gap for a while, but consultants are more expensive per hour than a full time hire. With so many businesses still needing or wanting someone in their office as an employee, a consultant or agency is not the right fit here.
  • There are many businesses who tell me that they want a consultant “onsite for 40 hours a week”. This usually means that they want a W9 contractor instead of a full time employee, for whatever reason. But there are very few consultants out there who take this sort of “gun for hire” full time work, simply because it is risky for them as it means saying no to all other clients coming to them seeking work.

As a business owner myself, I want to do what is right for the Credo audience and customers. Why keep Credo just helping people connect with consultants and agencies (which we are very good at and will continue to be a large part of the business for the foreseeable future) when the industry is essentially begging us to become the place for marketers/business owners to grow their businesses?

Here’s the link again to the Jobs board – https://www.getcredo.com/digital-jobs/ – and don’t forget to use CREDOJOB50 through June 30th to get 50% off a job listing!

Thanks for being a part of the Credo journey, and please let us know what feedback you have!


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