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I’m not going to bury the lede. Your greatest lead source of qualified business is already in your possession.

No, I’m not talking about raising prices on your current clients or expanding their business (though you should be doing that already!). I’m talking about people who already contacted you who went cold.

There is a wealth manager in San Francisco who emails me useful content weekly. I don’t need a wealth manager, but if and when I do you better believe I’ll go to this guy. Because he’s keeping me involved and adding value to me!

This week’s video is all about why you should follow up on leads you’ve already worked but didn’t sign for one reason or another.

We’ll cover:

Tactics for keeping dropped leads involved
Where to find content to share with these contacts
My greatest productivity hack

As I said, it’s a private video and you need the password CredoPlus! to access it. Here’s the link:

Are you following up with dropped leads? from John Doherty on Vimeo.

Enjoy, and I’d love to hear what questions you have about sales that I can address for you!

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