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Do you want to close more of the leads coming to you into new clients and therefore more revenue? If so, you have to follow these three rules of sales:

  1. Follow up with everyone within an hour of receiving their message.
  2. Follow up with them every couple of days for the first week, then send a final email that you are going to close their record.
  3. Set their expectations for next steps and keep to what you commit to.

If you’re not doing those, you’re not doing your job.

Watch the video for some pro tips and exact verbiage to use.

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3 thoughts on “3 Things You Need To Do To Close New Clients”

  1. The “within an hour” is dead accurate. I’ve been running an agency for many many years and that’s one of the things I always tell everyone. I’m always surprised at how many people laugh and say, “People don’t expect a response so quickly”. There lies the problem, it’s not necessarily about the expectation, it’s about setting such a high standard and showing immediate interest. Glad you agree on this, John.

    1. Exactly, Chris! And what you’ll often find is that they’re impressed by how quick you are to respond. That sort of initial reaction matters, even if you’re just replying to say you’re offline and to offer some times that you can chat with them.

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