If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already read how to drive traffic to your website. Hopefully you’ve taken a few of those and implemented them with your business, and thus seen your traffic go up. Remember, you don’t get an outcome without output.

If you’ve implemented some of the ideas in that post and seen success, I’d love to hear from you – hello@getcredo.com.

Now that you have more potential customers coming to your website, you probably are trying to figure out how to turn more of them into business as well.

Because remember, the goal of more traffic is to get more business. More traffic alone doesn’t solve business problems, but if you can convert it into revenue then you can solve a lot of your business’s problems.

Let’s also remember that when you scale the amount of traffic coming to your site you will likely see a decrease in your conversion rate. That is ok and it is normal. However, the trendline for conversions (and hopefully revenue) should be trending up as well, though likely not as fast as traffic.

So what do you do when you’re getting more traffic and you want to convert them into more customers?

Contained herein are four major things that you should do.

Build new micro conversions

As stated above, when you start getting more traffic to your site you have essentially widened your conversion funnel. You’ve pushed and pushed and that top is now wider open, which means you are capturing more people at (hopefully) every stage of the buying cycle.

Some are ready to buy from you right now. That is amazing and what will make you more dollars.

Some are familiar with you and what you have to offer, but need a bit more convincing. Those people are MONEY (likely literally) but only if you can show them that you can meet their needs.

And the best way to meet their needs is to know who they are and speak with them directly.

They might not be willing to give you their phone number, but I bet they’ll give you their email address if you provide them something of value.

Now, I’m not talking about a Welcome Mat or a pop-up that appears at the worst time. Those things can work in their time and place (well, not the pop-up), but what if you prompt them at the right time?

After all, if you are reading this then you are a micro conversion on Credo :-). You read the post about growing your traffic then saw this offer to get this piece about what to do with your traffic.

Think about these ways to convert people:

  • Create a piece of content specifically for your five highest traffic blog posts (that is exactly what I’ve done to get you here) and use a slider to offer it on that post using a tool like Sumo;
  • Offer a webinar around the topics people coming to your site are most likely to be asking about. Target them after they’ve visited a conversion page but not converted;
  • Offer a giveaway. People love giveaways.

Launch conversion tests

A great way to get more conversions is…you guessed it…optimize your site so it converts better!

Now, I’m not talking about changing button colors. You can drive yourself crazy testing different colors, but at the end of the day what are you really costing yourself? If you don’t have much traffic, then testing a button color is going to take forever to get to any sort of statistical significance.

What you are really wasting is time, because you could be testing bigger things on that traffic.

Some of the conversion tests that I have seen drive the biggest results are:

  • Removing steps from your conversion funnel. You might think you are helping them make better decisions, but the truth is that they’re likely not reading and you’re just putting roadblocks in their way. See what you can do to eliminate unnecessary pages or words from your conversion funnel;
  • Personalizing forms based on the page they clicked from. This can be done in a few ways:
    • Attach a parameter that automatically populates certain fields on your form;
    • Have a hidden field that gathers IP/source/page entering on instead of asking for it;
  • Removing steps from your conversion form;
  • Speeding up your website. Data shows that for every second your page takes to load, you lose 7% of conversions. Ouch.

Install heatmaps

If you don’t know where your users are clicking or browsing, how can you test adding new elements to pages or changing wording or calls to action?

Simply put, you can’t.

The best way to know where people are clicking is by using heatmaps. You can use Sumo or Hotjar to do this. Google Analytics offers a semblance of it, but you can’t see where they are clicking, only the next destination they went to from a page.

Image via Sumo

Cookie and retarget

If you’re not using retargeting to show targeted ads to people who have already visited your website in order to bring them back and then try to close the sale, then you’re doing it wrong.

Retargeting is probably the cheapest advertising you can do. You can get clicks back to your website for pennies on the dollar, and your clickthough rates and conversion rates will likely be higher than extreme top of funnel advertising for awareness.

Start on these pages for the different platforms:

Talk to your existing customers

Are you talking with your existing customers to figure out what convinced them to buy, or why they haven’t returned to purchase more?

I am always amazed when I speak to my customers, because often they will ask me for something that I already have! Just recently I had an agency tell me that they would love to be able to guest post on my site. That already exists, so I pointed them the way and they submitted a post idea.

Talk to your customers who have already paid you. Talk to the people who gave you their email but they haven’t bought from you yet. Learn why.

Abandoned cart emails

Finally, if you own an ecommerce store then you need to try to capture their email early on (whether getting them to create an account or asking for their email early in the process).

Then, if they don’t check out you can send them an email the next day with the contents of their cart and remind them to come back and buy.

Amazon and REI both do this, and they get me half the time. That’s free money right there!

Image via Pinterest

If you haven’t gotten their email yet, then consider how to retarget them in other ways. Hint: look at the retargeting section above.

There you are, five ways to convert traffic into sales through smarter data, smarter marketing, and new tests.

What ways have you found to turn website visitors into more sales?