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Mike Arnesen is the founder of UpBuild, based in Portland Oregon. Mike used to have a sweet ponytail, much like myself and a few other digital marketing industry veterans. I learned during this podcast that he actually cut it off about 10 months ago in order to streamline his life as an entrepreneur. We’ll get into that more in the show.

UpBuild is a technical marketing agency, and if you’ve ever heard Mike drop marketing science on Google Tag Manager, JavaScript, or other technical search or analytics nerdiness then you’re in for a treat reading his stuff.

I’m super happy to introduce you to Mike in this podcast if you do not already know him, where we delve into UpBuild and talk through these specific questions:

  • How they knew it was time to do their own thing
  • How they got their first client(s)
  • When they knew it was going to work and they wouldn’t have to go get another job
  • When they officially formed a business and how you did that
  • What they would have done differently in hindsight
  • What it would take to get them to go work for someone again

Enjoy! And if you want to contact UpBuild about working with them, just visit their profile.

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1 thought on “CredoCast Ep 3 – Mike Arnesen of UpBuild”

  1. What a great listen. So many of you making the most of those pink slips. Love how Mike is holding himself accountable for such noble goals. His team is lucky if he comes through on even half as much as he hopes. Congrats Mike. Well done John.

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