SEO, to the non-marketer, may seem like a magic combination of witchcraft and wizardry. You hear terms like “links”, “canonicals”, and “duplicate content” being thrown around which cause your head to spin as if you were high on a mountain with a brain deprived of oxygen. Not a fun place to be (unless there is a lot of powder below and you push through the pain).

The goal of this post is to give you, the business owner, resources to read to get you up to speed enough to know good questions to ask consultants, when to hire a consultant, or even to start doing SEO on your own before you decide to either outsource it or  bring it inhouse.

SEO Blogs to read





Seer Interactive


State of Digital
Siege Media (a HireGun consultant)
Search Engine Land
Search Engine Roundtable (for search engine news)
Whitespark (Local SEO)
Local SEO Moz blog section 

SEO Twitter accounts to follow

Danny Sullivan


Rand Fishkin

Barry Schwartz
Michael King
Marshall Simmonds
Phil Nottingham (video SEO)
Paddy Moogan
Adam Audette
Dan Shure (small business SEO)
Ross Hudgens

Evergreen SEO Resources

Beginners Guide to SEO

Linkbait Guide
Linkbuilding Book by Paddy Moogan
Excel for SEO (a bit dated now)
Ecommerce SEO guide
Ecommerce SEO book

Brands to follow for marketing inspiration.

You might never be this big, but they can inspire you to greatness.
Outside Online

Hopefully all of these resources are helpful to you. Tweet other helpful sources to @hiregunco and we’ll retweet you!