How Credo Helped Seer Interactive Scale Technical SEO Work

ethan-lyon-headshot-photoEthan Lyon, Tech Team Lead, Seer Interactive
Ethan Lyon, Tech Team Lead, at Seer came to Credo with a problem: their technical SEO team was full up with work and they needed to find agencies or consultants willing to help them out.

In Ethan’s words:

“Our tech team was at capacity and we were on the verge of turning away business when I found Credo. Almost immediately after posting the job we heard from a handful of contractors. We vetted them to the high standards our clients have of us, and are on our way to filling tech requests.”

Sometimes agencies run into a spot where many clients close at the same time, and the agency isn’t able to take on all of the work at once. You need some more hands to help you deliver the work, but where do you go?

Ethan says:

Our clients hold us to incredibly high standards, so finding contractors that meet those high expectations can be really tough. I highly recommend Credo to deliver high quality talent, and their customer service is excellent when questions arise.”

If you’re an agency or a consultant who needs help fulfilling work for a specific service, check out how we help agencies expand their team.

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