Credo on Side Hustle Nation podcast

You probably don’t know that Credo started as a side hustle. It started when I (John) was working for Distilled in New York and stopped doing my own side consulting. I started sending work to my friends and then realized that there was a business here that could meet the need of businesses who had no idea how to vet if an SEO or marketing agency was any good.

I recently had the chance to share the Credo story and talk about how we match up businesses on the Side Hustle Nation podcast. We cover things like:

  • Why I started Credo in the first place
  • Why I decided to start growing it
  • How many businesses we’ve helped connect with the right marketing provider
  • How well the Credo business is doing
  • How we do what we do (aka our secret sauce)

Thanks for having me, Nick!

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