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Kristan Brown – Studio Manager at Terry Knickerbocker Studio
Kristan Brown is the Studio Manager at Terry Knickbocker Studio in Brooklyn, New York.

Kristan came to Credo in August 2018 looking to engage with a vetted marketing agency. Founded by Terry Knickerbocker, who is a well known acting teacher and coach in NYC, their goals were to increase qualified leads for their Two Year Program, find avenues to compete with top MFA programs across the country and generally increase brand authority with a large marketing strategy. In addition to new client acquisition, they were were also looking for help refining their sales/admissions funnel.

Using Credo, Kristan connected with a few digital marketing agencies who were, in Kristan’s words, “extremely qualified” to deliver an inbound marketing strategy that can help them achieve their goals and work alongside the various freelancers already in place executing against their previous strategy. It was very important to Kristan and Terry that they find an agency that would help them guide their overall marketing program, and not just some to “deliver some marketing work”.

In Kristan’s words:

I came to Credo looking forĀ help increasing qualified leads for our small boutique acting school in Brooklyn, find avenues to compete with MFA programs in our area, and generally increase brand authority with a large marketing strategy.

With this as our initial goal, Credo connected us with two extremely qualified marketing providers with whom we had conversations and received proposals. After a time of consideration and through consultation with the Credo team, we hired an agency that we are extremely happy to work with!

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