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Jason Billingsley, Co-Founder at Zolo Realty
Jason Billingsley is the co-founder of Zolo.ca, Canada’s MLS listings and real estate for sale website.

Jason’s words:

We needed a consultant to bridge our SEO efforts while we attempted to hire an in-house Director of SEO. John lined up four qualified options within a day, and we ended up landing the single most qualified person in our entire industry within 2 weeks. It was 1 part luck, 1 part Credo.

Zolo is taking on a huge industry – real estate. Having worked for the largest real estate company in the United States, we know just how competitive and cutthroat that industry can be in the search engine results.

As a startup, Zolo likes to move fast. Thus, we knew that they would need someone who had experience in the industry and also could work quickly to help them identify and execute on the strategies that would get them the results they needed long term.

Because we always have our ear to ground about who is doing what and considering their next steps or focus with clients, we had the perfect person within our network for Jason to speak with. He spoke with all of them to whom we introduced him, and he ended up hiring as a consultant the person we knew had the skills and specific experience he needed.

Job = done.

Credo founder John Doherty had this to say about Zolo’s project:

Jason came to Credo needing help finding the right person to support him in Zolo’s SEO efforts. Jason is a rockstar SEO himself, but with his cofounder duties he was finding it hard to keep the growth flywheel turning. After a 60 minute call talking through their business, their challenges, and what he was specifically looking for I knew that I had the right person for Jason. I introduced him to multiple potential providers, but the one I figured would be the right fit was. Zolo has since gone on to see incredible growth on the SEO front, and I couldn’t be happier for Jason and the team!

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