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As a full-service SEO firm, we build genuine relationships and implement our proprietary SEO strategies to drive the organic traffic that will grow your revenue and take your business to the next level.

And don’t forget personal growth. We’re into that too.We’re here to empower your business with proven strategies that result in sustainable success, freeing up more time for you to grow in other areas. We believe this freedom is what living a full life is all about.

Our results-driven experts know which of Google’s ranking factors are most impactful and how to optimize for them, while constantly adapting to algorithm changes. Our highly specialized SEO services and dynamic tools can catapult your online visibility to reach more people and more importantly, the right people.

We build the sustainable traction you need to increase your long-term revenue and even better, your freedom. Whatever your goals and dreams are, we can help get you there.

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  • SEO site migration
  • SEO Strategy
  • Technical SEO Audit
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Client case studies



Building Trust and Authority
SEO is a long-term effort for any business, which is why it’s important for newer businesses that don’t have the same level of domain authority and brand awareness as competitors to focus on SEO from the start. When Bivvy contacted Sure Oak, the company had just recently launched its website and they needed to get it to rank for several keywords in order to help pet owners find them on Google. Bivvy focused on improving its on-page SEO and Sure Oak provided support with its link building services.

Prioritizing Organic Traffic to Key Pages
Bivvy’s team understood that ads aren’t a long-term, sustainable solution to continuously drive traffic, which is why they wanted to focus on organic traffic. But not all traffic is equal and it’s important to focus on the right pages in order to increase clicks and, ultimately, revenue. Sure Oak helped make sure Bivvy received high-quality links to pages that were most likely to convert users into customers.

Targeting Domains With Authority
Anyone can promise you backlinks from websites that have a domain authority in single digits. But that’s not very helpful. The best way to increase the authority of any website is to get backlinks from websites with more authority. That’s exactly what we did for Bivvy, specifically focusing on websites with a domain authority greater than 30, but many were from sites with a domain authority greater than 40.


Bivvy did what we would recommend for any business with a new website: invest early. A website is just like any other business asset; the more you put into it upfront, the better off you’ll be in the long run.

From a link building perspective, this was an ideal situation.

For one, we didn’t have to worry as much about removing links that were hurting Bivvy’s domain authority — links from websites with a really low domain authority or that have recently received a Google penalty, for example.

In addition, sometimes websites will write a blog post that ends up generating the bulk of the website’s traffic. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a healthy link profile means a well-rounded link profile, and that means links to the homepage and other important pages on the website, not just a single blog post.

But, with Bivvy, we were able to build a comprehensive, high-quality backlink profile from the beginning.

Initially, we focused on building links first to the pages that carry the most authority. For a lot of websites, those pages include the homepage and possibly an about page or a specific service page. For Bivvy, it was the homepage and a page explaining how they were different from their competitors.

After generating backlinks to those pages, we shifted our focus to gaining links for several blog posts on Bivvy’s website. These posts included topics like, “How To Go Social: Group Activities for Your Pet,” “Dogs: the Ultimate Discount Gym Membership” and “How to Pamper Your Pet on a Budget.”

From Google’s perspective, these types of links show that Bivvy is a thought leader in the pet insurance industry and that they create high-quality content that’s valuable to users learning about pet insurance.

In only a few months, Bivvy’s backlink profile increased significantly (see the chart below to see just how much), which helped more than double its domain authority to 30, up from only 14 when we started.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in total
organic keyword rankings


Increase in
referring domains

AdvancePoint Capital


Finding an Agency That Provided Value

When AdvancePoint Capital contacted Sure Oak, the company already had worked with three other companies within the past year. They needed an agency that could genuinely improve their rankings in order to drive more leads from organic search. That’s why they chose to partner with Sure Oak.

Shifting from PPC to SEO

Like a lot of clients we work with, AdvancePoint Capital wanted to reduce how much they were spending on PPC ads and divert more of their marketing budget to SEO. On top of that, PPC ads in their vertical are extremely costly — at the time this was written, the CPC for “small business loan” was nearly $73.

Competing Against Industry Titans

As the fintech sector grows, more businesses are exploring alternatives to traditional sources of funding, like bank loans, which typically require trips to the bank, consultations and paperwork. This is where companies like AdvancePoint Capital come in, but there are a lot of loan providers out there, and AdvancePoint Capital needed a strategy that was unique to their specific, highly competitive vertical.


Due to the competitiveness of the business loan industry, a comprehensive SEO strategy was the primary way to increase the company’s visibility in search engines. Existing pages on the site needed to be re-optimized, new pages targeted at previously unexplored high-volume, low-competition keywords needed to be created and the site needed more high-quality authoritative backlinks pointing to it.

Sure Oak identified keyword phrases that had the most opportunity to rank on the first page of Google and generate clicks. Some aligned with existing pages; others required new ones.

The improved rankings resulted in an influx of leads from organic search. In fact, the number of leads AdvancePoint Capital received from organic search more than quadrupled in only four months.

Although increasing the number of leads from organic search was one of our biggest goals, it wasn’t the only one. The other goal was to increase their website’s authority. We accomplished that too, by implementing a comprehensive link-building strategy comprised of both contextual and scholarship links. Our link-building campaign helped increase the domain authority of their website from 20 to 28.

20 to 28

Domain authority increase


Increase in total organic
keyword rankings


Number of leads from
organic search in four months


Decreasing Organic Traffic

Maptive suffered a substantial decrease in their organic traffic from an algorithm update, which decreased qualified traffic, leads, and conversions coming to the website. Maptive looked to Sure Oak to structure a plan to overcome traffic losses, increase high user intent traffic, and get the company back on a solid growth trajectory.

Lower Conversions

Traffic losses also dramatically impacted the number of free software trial conversions, and in turn trials-to-purchase conversions. Additionally, Maptive needed more content and more emphasis placed on the buyer journey in order to positively impact and improve conversion rates.


To reverse significant declining trends and help Maptive to grow significantly, a holistic SEO strategy was needed.

In order to best understand the current environment, and all of the opportunities and challenges working against us, we used our proprietary Strategic SEO Game Plan process: to determine what the overall opportunity is, what the scope should consist of, how long it might take to achieve results, and how this effort would improve Maptive’s bottom line.

The goal was to develop a comprehensive approach around on-page content strategy and optimizations that supported their biggest opportunities, as well as driving high-value, targeted backlinks to these key pages and to the website as a whole.

First, a website audit was performed to better understand current roadblocks for indexation and user performance. Once these items were fixed and updated, an advanced SEO strategy began that included the following:

Advanced Keyword Research

Contextual link building services were employed to drive targeted traffic to key, high converting pages, and a scholarship backlink strategy was used to improve the overall domain authority of the website
Thorough evaluations on progress and continued support to ensure proper trending
Ongoing tracking, analysis, and updates as needed.

This Game Plan provided in-depth knowledge as to what the ongoing and holistic strategy should be, to ensure focus and priority were set on the highest opportunity areas. This, as well as executing the ongoing strategy, led to the fantastic results presented below.


Increase in software trial conversions


Increase in organic traffic in 5 months


Increase in ranking keywords


Separating Themselves From Competitors

There are a lot of online quiz companies. But what makes QuizGriz different? Sure, they partner with industry experts and celebrities, like Les Stroud, a Canadian survival expert. But how does that help with SEO? It doesn’t. And that’s why it was important they partner with an expert SEO agency like Sure Oak.

Prioritizing Organic Traffic

Before working with Sure Oak, QuizGriz relied heavily on ads for a lot of their website traffic. But, realizing this wasn’t a long-term, sustainable solution to continuously drive traffic to their website, they decided to do something about it.

Identifying the Biggest Opportunities

One of the most important ways to make sure Google understands your website when it does a crawl is to only add content that’s related to your business. But for QuizGriz, that’s a bit difficult. Because they’re a quiz generator, their website includes information about an incredibly wide range of topics, from the pyramids to classic cars. However, the wide range of information also posed an opportunity.


While optimizing a website with content related to so many different topics has its challenges, it also has its advantages. The fact that QuizGriz’s website had URLs and content related to so many topics meant there were a lot of potential keywords to target, many of which competitors weren’t capitalizing on.

Identifying those keywords was step 1.

The next step was integrating them into QuizGriz’s existing content — it turns out, when you have a quiz creation website, you already have content related to nearly any and every keyword.

These three pages are just a few examples of a strategy that was rolled out sitewide. In fact, we identified 129 existing pages that would benefit from being re-optimized.

In addition to developing a content strategy centered around existing content, Sure Oak performed a technical audit of the QuizGriz website, providing ways to improve its overall performance. We also executed a link-building campaign that more than doubled the number of referring domains.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in total organic
keyword rankings


Increase in referring domains

We Mount TVs

Looking for a Long-term Partner
We Mount TVs had been looking for a long-term partner to help them with their search marketing efforts. Other companies they had worked with either weren’t responsive or simply didn’t get results. Contacting Sure Oak was their first step toward achieving their long-term marketing goals.

Spending Too Much on PPC
We Mount TVs was spending a disproportionate percentage of their marketing budget on PPC and wanted to reduce their reliance on paid ads to generate leads. They contacted Sure Oak to help them develop an effective SEO strategy that would generate inbound leads from local organic search traffic.

Offering Services in Specific Areas
We Mount TVs is a regional business, but they only offer services in specific metro areas, including Austin, TX, Birmingham, AL, Huntsville, AL, Orlando, FL, Nashville, TN, Raleigh/Durham, NC and Tuscaloosa, AL. Sure Oak developed a strategy to help them rank for locally relevant search queries.

In order to help We Mount TVs reduce their monthly ad spend and drive more leads from organic search, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy that involved revamping existing pages, creating long-form guides for new pages and generating high-quality backlinks to targeted pages.

For a company like We Mount TVs, which services several specific areas spread across the southeastern U.S., location is everything. That’s why a large part of our content strategy centered around improving existing service pages for the specific areas that We Mount TVs operates. We also identified service pages that were not location-specific that were already driving leads, and improved those, too.

The other part of our content strategy was to create unique, long-form content that provided users with a ton of value, at no cost. The following three pages were written, optimized and added to their website:

In order to increase the value of the improved and new content on We Mount TVs’ website, we implemented a link-building strategy targeted at high-quality links from authoritative domains.

Our link-building campaign not only generated several hundred backlinks; it increased We Mount TVs overall domain authority significantly, a huge step forward for the site and the company.

By partnering with Sure Oak, We Mount TVs significantly boosted its visibility on Google and other search engines and saw real results, which you can see below, from their investment.


Increase in organic
keyword rankings


Increased in
new organic users


Increase in organic
goal completions


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