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There are a whole host of WordPress plugins. At a quick glance at the WordPress Plugin directory shows that there are close to 43,000 plugins available. That number does not appear to include those stand-alone plugins that work with WordPress. In the unofficial WordPress Plugin Directory, there are 22 different categories of plugins, with over 2,700 subcategories. That is a lot of plugins!

Based on our research, here are the 8 best WordPress lead generation plugins, both paid and free.

Paid WordPress Lead Gen Plugins

Gravity Forms

Use: Form Lead Generation
Price: From $39

Benefits and Features:

  • Customizable forms for different pages
  • Great support
  • Easily styleable for your site’s needs
  • Custom logic for forms

Get Gravity Forms



Use: Email List Building
Price: Free to download, paid subscription required

Sumo (formerly SumoMe) is way more than just a lead plugin, as they give you many tools (some for free, others are paid) to help you grow your traffic. Made in Austin TX, the Sumo team is constantly creating new tools and ways to drive traffic. Their List Builder allows you to manage multiple email popups. Their Welcome Mat appears at the top of your site with a lead generation platform. The Pro versions allow you to do even more.

Support via email.

Get Sumo



Use: Email list building
Price: $25+/month

LeadPages is more than just a WordPress Plugin. According to their website they offer many benefits to using their services.

1. Digital delivery of content made easy
2. Many different templates available
3. Ability to turn 404Error messages into opt-in pages
4. Compatible with Facebook
5. Integrated with all major email service providers

SUPPORT – LeadPages has an entire page dedicated to support. You can conduct a general search or link to support categories. They also have a learning center and a FAQ section. If all these options don’t pan out, then you can send an email.

Get LeadPages

Thrive Leads

Use: Email list building
Price: $67+ – According to the Thrive Themes website, it is used by over 9,000 customers.

There are four main benefits:
1. Combines six different ways to capture information in one plugin
2. Allows you to target offers to visitors
3. A/B testing
4. Provides an overview of metrics

SUPPORT – Thrive has a bank of FAQs. If the FAQs don’t answer your questions, you can email the support team.



Use: Email list building
Price: $49+

According to the OptinMonster website there are several benefits to using their plugin:

1. Easily built variety of forms
2. Targeted offers to visitors
3. A/B testing
4. Mobile app add-on option
5. Animated effects
6. Statistical reports

SUPPORT – OptinMonster has two different paths for support – technical questions for existing customers where you can submit a support ticket and basic questions – for pre-sale questions or general questions.

Popup Domination


Use: Email list building
Price: $47+

Popup Domination, as the name implies, is a popup plugin. According to their website there are over 60,000 websites currently using this plugin. According to the Popup Domination website, they offer several benefits:

1. They specialize in popups and do it better than anyone else
2. Entry/Exist popups
3. A/B testing
4. Statistical reports
5. Ability to customize popups
6. A WordPress Plugin and a stand-alone plugin

SUPPORT – Popup Domination has no visible support link on their website.



Free WordPress Lead Gen Plugins

WordPress Content Upgrade Plugin


Use: Email list building

As this plugin’s name implies, it is a WordPress Plugin. Content Upgrade requires that your visitor provide email information in order to obtain bonus information from your website. If you find you need a more robust Content Upgrade, you can progress to the Content Upgrade Pro, which is a paid plugin.

SUPPORT – Since Content Upgrade is a WordPress plugin, you can access support from the WordPress.org site.

WordPress Leads


Use: Lead Forms

This plugin is WordPress’s first fully extendable CRM plugin. In addition, it can stand alone or work with other WordPress plugins. Not only does this plugin allow you to see what your visitor looked at on your site, it also allows you to see where your leads are coming from.

SUPPORT – Since WordPress Leads is a WordPress plugin, you can access support from the WordPress.org site.



Use: Email list building

According to the Icegram website, they are the ‘Best Free WordPress Plugin for Optin Forms’, but you would expect them to say that. There are close to 14,000 users of Icegram, which is not the highest number of users so maybe “Best” is hyperbole. They mention several different benefits to their plugin:
1. Higher conversions
2. It’s free
3. Popups and forms
4. Over 180 features and customizations
5. Add-ons
6. Easy to use

SUPPORT – Icegram has some links to common issues. If those links don’t answer your question, then you can submit a query to Icegram.



Use: Form Lead Generation

Using the Leadin plugin you can answers to two important questions – 1. who is visiting your site and 2. where were they before they came to you. Created by Hubspot, Leadin is also a WordPress plugin. The Leadin website lists four major features of the plugin:

1. Lead capture forms
2. Contact management
3. Marketing analytics
4. Marketing integration

SUPPORT – Leadin provides four options for support. First you can type in a question. Second you can send an email. Thirdly you can check a link for any outages. The last option is to pose a question to the Leadin community.

These are the 10 WordPress plugins we and those we asked have used and recommend. What have we missed?


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  1. This needs a mention of Unbounce.

    If you have an Unbounce account, you can install the Unbounce plugin in WordPress as a normal plugin – just search the plugins director for unbounce

    I have unbounce running on this domain as a test http://bunnybunny.co.uk/

    Its also running a free version of Visual Website Optimiser for the video recording of users (VWO script installed within the scripts part of Unbounce, all hosted on WordPress framework)


  2. Definitely have to include Justuno on this list. Easy install through WordPress and a solid platform to create lead generation capture points.

    The platform is catered to marketers who value design and the ability to take targeting and segmentation to the next level.

    Here’s the Justuno WordPress plugin. Give it a look!

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